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London Guards

Dedicated Reservists from across London

1st Battalion London Guards are the Army Reserve for the Guards Division. It provides highly trained infantry soldiers to reinforce the five regiments of the Foot Guards on operations all over the world. The battalion offers a range of capabilities with specialisms in both individual and support weapons.




April 2022






Light Role Infantry

our skills

As a light infantry unit, soldiers in the London Guards are used to operating on their feet. Once basic training has been completed, many London Guards soldiers go on to specialise as sharpshooters, assault pioneers, machine gunners and more.

  • Reconnaissance 
  • Operating machine guns
  • Sniping
  • Operating mortars
  • Tactical communication
  • Driving vehicles 
  • Anti-tank operations
  • Other roles such as Medic, Chef, Driver and Clerk roles are also required by the battalion

Ongoing training

The LONDONS provide world-leading training and inspirational opportunities to its reservists in preparation for future deployments to protect the nation. Recently the regiment has focussed on training in multiple different terrains including overseas training and adventure training in Australia, Canada, France, Denmark, Israel, Spain, Morocco, Peru and the US.

Recent Deployments:

  • Operation Herrick (Afghanistan)
  • Operation Telic (Iraq)
  • Operation Tosca (Cyprus)

Our People

The London Guards recruit from across the Greater London area. As Army Reservists, soldiers in the London Guards come from many different walks of life, but all are united in a desire to serve their country and push themselves to the limit.

You will quickly learn the skills required to become a junior leader and gain promotion.

Our senior ranks are experienced, respectful and provide excellent coaching and mentoring.

Lance Corporal Reuben Woods, ex Regular (Welsh Guards), Engineering Student and Section 2lC.
FotoJet (1).jpg
2 Lieutenant Dirk Danino-Forsyth, Government Spokesperson and Platoon Commander.
Private Stan Flitton, Actor and currently serving on FTRS with the Grenadier Guards.

Our Location

The London Regiment is based across the capital, with units in:

  • Wandsworth
  • Westminster
  • Camberwell
  • Hammersmith
  • Kingston


  • Catford


The London Regiment

I want to give something back to my city David, 23

Our Role

Since its foundation in 1908, the regiment has answered the call of duty for every British conflict, major and minor, from the trenches of the First World War to the streets of Baghdad.

As a light infantry regiment, the Londons operate on foot, carrying out skirmishes and undertaking reconnaissance alongside their comrades in the Foot Guards. 

Past to Present

The London Guards began life as 26 separate Volunteer Force battalions which were brought together in 1908. Since then, the regiment has distinguished itself in service across every conflict fought by the British Army.

  1. 1914

    The regiment fights bravely in the Great War, earning battle honours.

  2. 1939

    The London Regiment is deployed from Europe to the Far East as part of the Second World War.

  3. 2004-06

    The regiment is deployed to Iraq.

  4. 2006-14

    London Regiment soldiers fight in Afghanistan as part on Operation Herrick.

  5. 2021

    As part of the integrated review, the regiment was re-named the London Guards.

Our Locations

  • Battalion Headquarters

    Address: 27 St John's Hill, Battersea, SW11 1TT Training Night: Tuesday

  • G (Messines) Company, Scots Guards

    Address: 27 St John's Hill, Battersea, SW11 1TT Contact: 020 7801 2543 Training Night: Tuesday

  • No 15 (Loos) Company, Irish Guards & Arras Company Headquarters

    Address: Connaught House, 4 Flodden Road, Camberwell, SE5 9LL Contact: 020 7801 2529 Training Night: Tuesday

  • Number 17 Company, Coldstream Guards

    Address: Princess Louise House, 190 Hammersmith Road, W6 7DJ Contact: 0300 156 4486 Training Night: Tuesday

  • Ypres Company, Grenadier Guards

    Address: Army Reserve Centre, Portsmouth Road, Kingston upon Thames, KT1 2QX Contact: 020 8481 3401 Training Night: Tuesday

List of equipment used

L129A1 Sharpshooter Rifle

7.62mm The rifle fires a 7.62mm round and has enhanced accuracy of engagement during longer-range firefights.

Small arms and support weapons

Heavy Machine Gun

12.7mm The powerful L1A1 12.7mm (.50) Heavy Machine Gun (HMG) is an updated version of the Browning M2 Fifty-cal.

Small arms and support weapons

81mm Mortar

5650 metres High explosive, smoke and illuminating rounds to a maximum range of 5650m.

Small arms and support weapons

SA80 Individual Weapon

Tests On its introduction, it proved so accurate that the Army marksmanship tests had to be redesigned.

Small arms and support weapons

Guided Weapons

Anti-tank weapons The Javelin anti-tank weapon and the Next-generation light anti-tank weapon.

Small arms and support weapons

Light Machine Gun

300 metres It provides the section commander with the capability to impose sustained suppressive fire on to an objective out to 300m.

Small arms and support weapons

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The London Guards

Battalion Headquarters
London Guards
27 St John's Hill
SW11 1TT