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Royal Corps of Signals

10 Signal Regiment

10 Signal Regiment

10 Signal Regiment is a unique unit which specialises in providing Information and Communication Services (ICS), Information Assurance (IA) and Electronic Counter Measures (Force Protection) in support of operations within the UK and abroad. 

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81 Signal Squadron

81 Signal Squadron are a specialist Army Reserve Squadron working closely with 241 Signal Squadron.  They install fixed telecommunications and data capability worldwide in support of the Army, and consist of Installation Technicians who are recruited because of their civilian skills.

They recruit from UK communications companies (with many from BT/Openreach), from ex-regular Installation Technicians and regular soldiers transferring to the Army Reserve.  The Squadron is an active community with regular sporting and adventurous training activities. 

225 Signal Squadron

225 Signal Squadron Electronic Counter Measures Force Protection (ECM FP) provides lifesaving support to units, by blocking detonation signals from reaching radio controlled improvised explosive devices.

With their origins rooted in Northern Ireland, they have evolved to meet the challenges of Iraq and Afghanistan and continue to innovate in order to counter the latest threats.

225 Signal Squadron support ongoing and contingency operations within the Joint Expeditionary Force (JEF) and 18 (UKSF) Signal Regiment.

241 Signal Squadron

241 Signal Squadron and 81 Signal Squadron are the home of the Installation Technician Trade.  They provide infrastructure support for telephony and data communications using copper and fibre optic links.

In high demand across the army, their technicians are constantly deployed to support current operations all over the world.  In addition to supporting existing communications infrastructure in Northern Ireland, Kenya, Brunei and the Falkland Islands to name but a few.

243 Signal Squadron

243 Signal Squadron provides specialist Information Communication Services (ICS) and Information Assurance (IA) to Army HQ and other supported Commands. 

ICS Troop provides expert IT support to the Army Hosting Environment and Army HQ to ensure the successful delivery of Defence critical Applications and the supporting IT services. 

IA Troop protect Defence assets by providing Defensive Internet Monitoring and Technical Surveillance Counter Measures in support of Defense Cyber Operations, to reduce the risk of malign influences. 

251 Signal Squadron

251 Signal Squadron provides Extremely High Readiness secure information communication services and specialist expertise in support of UK operations and Other Government Departments (OGDs).  In addition, they provide secure communications in support of State Ceremonial events in London and Windsor.

An example of 251’s recent deployments would be on Op MORLOP in 2018.  Op MORLOP was launched in support of the civil authorities in Salisbury City Centre and required careful control of the target area as well as secure communications for all parties. 


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