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81 Signal Squadron


81 Signal Squadron

81 Signal Squadron is a specialist Army Reserve Squadron working closely with a regular Army unit, 241 Signal Squadron. Our role is to install fixed telecommunications and data infrastructure worldwide in support of the Army. The squadron consists of Communication Infrastructure Engineers, who are recruited because of their existing civilian skills. 

We recruit from UK communications companies, from ex-regular Communication Infrastructure Engineers and other regular soldiers transferring to the Army Reserve. 81 Signal Squadron is an active community with regular sporting and adventurous training activities. 

Amazing Opportunities in Sport and Adventurous Training


Ex Finn Descent was a 10 Signal Regiment diving expedition in 2016. Members of the regiment travelled to Ascension Island to complete 2 weeks training and development of their diving skills. When not diving, they spent time exploring the island, particularly the peaks. Green Mountain with its bamboo forest was a particular highlight, along with the ground crabs found half way up.


Ex Tiger Annapurna was a 10 Signal Regiment Adventurous Training expedition to introduce arduous trekking to members of the regiment in a remote mountainous region of Nepal. 


Ex Finn Olympus was a Level 3 summer mountaineering expedition conducted in the Troodos mountains region of Cyprus. Staff Sergeant Coyle, Corporal Lee and Lance Corporal Harris attended.

Squadron Sports Teams

The Squadron has a football team that complete in both 11-A-Side and 6-A-Side competitions. The running Team also take part in the Army Half Marathon Championships each year. The running team will be competing n the Dusseldorf half marathon in October 2021.



After 8 years in the Army as a Regular Royal Signals Officer, a move to the Army Reserve seemed like a great way to continue doing the stuff I enjoy with the Army; leading soldiers, solving communications problems and taking part in sports and adventure training.

Outside of Army life I work as a Programme Manager for a major consulting firm and there is a great amount of transferable skills between these two areas of work. The Army gives me huge responsibilities in leadership and my civilian employee greatly appreciates my ability to keep a cool head under pressure.

Our soldiers are highly capable and the majority of their work has an operational effect. We are currently organising a running team for the Dusseldorf Marathon and planning ahead for snowboarding Adventurous Training in 2022, the opportunities I have in the Army Reserves are simply unparalleled.


Sig Broady 857 Troop, 81 Signal Squadron

I joined 81 Signal Squadron after meeting an existing member of the squadron and then attending an 81 Squadron Leadership Training event during my Openreach Apprenticeship. I was interested in implementing and further developing the skills I had learned during my apprenticeship, as well as continuing to pursue my interest in the Army that first began with Cadets and then a previous Army Reserve unit.

So far during within the squadron, I have had the opportunity to complete trade training including Fibre, Structured Cabling, PASMA and Pole Climbing at the Defence Training School in Blandford, as well as at Openreach’s training facilities at Yarnfield Park.

I have also attended Out of Camp Training, Squadron Adventurous Training exercises and have been able to put some of my trade skills into practice during a 2 week deployment in Gibraltar. I look forward to completing more trade training and deployments in the future as I progress in my career.


Signaller Warburton, 857 Troop, 81 Signal Squadron

During my apprenticeship, as a service delivery engineer for Openreach in 2017, I came across the opportunity to join 81 Signal Squadron. I was interested in the Army Reserves’ telecommunication technology in comparison with my day job in Openreach. I wanted to do this to develop my skills but also go on to new and exciting opportunities.

When you join the Army Reserve you start as a soldier first. This helps you understand the Army's core values such as courage, discipline, respect for others, integrity, loyalty and selfless commitment which the Army enforces. Passing my basic training was a phenomenal experience and it made me proud to serve my country. 

Whilst in 81 Signal Squadron I have developed many skills such as communication, teamwork and also built my confidence. I have completed internal fibre and copper structured cabling training courses, that are both accepted by City and Guilds Qualifications. These can help me towards progression within Openreach and other telecommunication companies. 

Joining the Army and the Squadron has been a massive achievement in my life and I’m looking forward to a posting across the world to put my new skills to use!


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