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2 Military Intelligence

2 Military Intelligence (Exploitation) Battalion

2 Military Intelligence (Exploitation) Battalion is a regular Army unit under the operational command of the 1st Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Brigade. The Unit’s mix of capabilities are unique in the Army, Defence and wider Government.

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Materiel and Personnel Exploitation (MPE)

The Battalion has taken a number of its forensic technical capabilities such as biometrics, fingerprinting and the examination of media devices and weapons and integrated them under an MPE construct.

Consolidating the Army’s exploitation capabilities ensures that information derived from different sources can be rapidly fused to provide commanders with actionable intelligence to facilitate effective decision making.


Counter Intelligence (CI)

In addition to MPE, the Battalion is the Army’s sole specialist CI collection asset.

In this guise, operators seek to generate intelligence and understanding in order to protect Army and Defence assets, such as personnel, infrastructure and information, from a range of traditional and non-traditional threats.

There are a variety of roles available for CI Operators, each requiring extensive and demanding training.