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Intelligence Corps

Knowledge is power

The Intelligence Corps is the intelligence gathering wing of the British Army. With 1,850 Regular and 1,350 Reserve personnel, it’s one of the smallest corps in the Army – but what it lacks in size, it more than makes up for in influence.

Intelligence Corps




15 July 1940






Operational Intelligence

our skills

Intelligence is vital to the Army’s success. Highly trained Intelligence Corps soldiers work behind the scenes, gathering and interpreting information and passing it along to commanders so they can make important tactical decisions.

  • Operational intelligence
  • Counter intelligence and security
  • Imagery intelligence
  • Signals intelligence
  • Close passive surveillance
  • Human intelligence
  • Cyber intelligence
  • Linguistics


The Intelligence Corps is currently deployed in active operations across the globe.


Our People

It takes a special type of person to join the Intelligence Corps. Smart, resourceful and physically tough, its soldiers are a rare breed – and with a huge range of specialisms from image analysis to human intelligence, no two careers are the same.


Chicksands is home to Joint Intelligence Training Group (JITG) and the Intelligence Corps. It sits in Bedfordshire, approximately 35 miles north of London.

Intelligence Corps

Intelligence Corps

Everyday is a fresh challenge Ben, 25

Our Role

Now more than ever, military operations rely upon timely, accurate intelligence. The information gathered by the Intelligence Corps gives commanders the confidence to plan and execute their operations effectively.

Intelligence Corps soldiers know the how, why and where of any situation, using their guile and resourcefulness to stay one step ahead of the enemy. They play a vital role in the British Army’s decision making processes and in protecting its operations from hostile interests.

In modern warfare, knowledge really is power.

Past to Present

With origins dating back to the days of the British Empire, the Intelligence Corps was formally established in 1914. Ever since, it has provided crucial intelligence support in all conflicts and crises with UK involvement, from the World War I to the campaign against ISIL.

  1. 1899-1901

    The first large scale British Army intelligence element is formed during the Boer War.

  2. 1909-12

    Military Intelligence 5 and 6 are formed.

  3. 1914

    Intelligence Corps formed and subsequently disbanded up on war’s completion, despite success.

  4. 1940

    Intelligence Corps reformed.

  5. 1947-91

    The Corps plays a major role in counter intelligence and espionage during the Cold War.

  6. 1945-Present

    The Corps continues to provide intelligence support to UK operations.