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Physical Employment Standards

Physical Employment Standards (PES) ensure that Army personnel have the physical ability for their role so they can safely and satisfactorily complete essential tasks. Additionally, they help to reduce the risk of Muscular Skeletal Injury to both Service men and women.


Role Fitness Test (Entry)

Thinking of joining the Army? The Role Fitness Test (Entry) is used as the selection standard to confirm that potential soldiers and officer cadets are at the appropriate level of fitness to commence Basic Training. The Role Fitness Test (Entry) will consist of: Seated Med Ball Throw, Mid Thigh Pull and a two kilometer run. See the poster below for further information.

The Role Fitness Test Entry (Physical Training) programme is a progressive guideline designed to help you prepare for the entry tests and standards mentioned above. Because the programme uses body resistance exercises and cardiovascular training, no specialist equipment is needed: just you and your motivation to train.

Role Fitness Test Poster



The Role Fitness Test (Basic Training) is a progressive and structured PT programme (based on the Army Physical Training System) that supports the development of new personnel and helps them successfully achieve Basic Training standards.

The programme is designed to improve physical and mental robustness and resilience and to complement other exercises undertaken during the Basic Training phase.


Role Fitness Test (Soldier)

The RFT(S) is role-related, gender and age-free, reflecting the essential, most physically demanding task required to perform the specific role successfully.

There are specific standards for Ground Close Combat and Non Ground Close Combat soldiers.

All soldiers will undertake a progressive physical training programme to ensure these standards can be met prior to completing their Initial Trade Training and moving into productive Service.

New Army Fitness Standards