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Physical Training and Testing

It’s no secret that life in the British Army is extremely physically demanding. That’s why we’ve developed a holistic, science-based physical training programme that helps keep our people fit, resilient and ready for the challenges that Army life throws at them. Explore the resources below to find out more.

The importance of fitness

Physical fitness is important for everyone but as a soldier in the British Army, it’s absolutely essential. Whether you’re deploying overseas or carrying out routine military tasks in the UK, you’ll be expected to maintain a high level of physical and mental readiness at all times. We’re fully committed to helping you develop and maintain your physical fitness through the Army Physical Training System. You can find out more about it below.

Benefits of physical fitness

Physical fitness doesn’t just help you carry out your job: it contributes towards physical and mental wellbeing, increases your life expectancy, decreases the risk of injury, and can even help combat stress and anxiety. And above all, maintaining a high level of physical fitness will help you perform your role with the confidence you need to excel.

Physical demands

A soldier in the British Army has one of the most physically demanding jobs on the planet. You could find yourself carrying 50 kilograms of armour and weaponry into battle, building shelters in the jungle, or transporting wounded colleagues to safety. That’s why it’s crucial that all our people operate at peak physical effectiveness: after all, your life (and the lives of your colleagues) could depend on it.


Fitness training in the British Army can be achieved in many ways, three such ways are: physical training, adventurous training and sport. Sport in the Army ranges from favourites like football and rugby to archery, skiing and hang-gliding. Adventurous training could see you sub-aqua diving in Belize or trekking across the frozen wastes of the Antarctic. You can find out more about physical training below.



The APTS is a standardised yet flexible training approach that addresses every aspect of military and general fitness. The APTS is delivered to Army units by Royal Army Physical Training Corps Instructors and is designed to take account of your unit’s role and commitments. Developed over several years, the system is underpinned by the most recent academic research ensuring the safe and progressive physical development of all soldiers.


The Lone Soldier Physical Training Programme

The Lone Soldier Physical Training Programme (LSPTP) supports the Army Physical Training System and designed for individuals who don’t always have access to a structured unit physical training programme or who spend long periods of time away from their unit on courses, leave or operations.