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Prince of Denmark presents new Colours to The Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment

His Royal Highness Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark has presented the 4th Battalion The Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment (PWRR) with its first set of Colours (elaborate Ceremonial Flags).

The historic ceremony held at Royal Artillery Barracks was an important milestone for the reserve infantry battalion that was formed in 2017.

Over 100 soldiers, led by their Commanding Officer, Lieutenant Colonel Steve Garmory, took part in the occasion that saw His Royal Highness inspect the front rank of the parade before the formal presentation of the new Battalion Colours.

The new Colours were consecrated by the Chaplain General of the Army, Reverend Michael Parker, who was joined by the Regimental Chaplain, Reverend Canon Roger Hall, and the Battalion Padre Nick Sharpe. 

His Royal Highness Crown Prince Fredrick of Denmark then laid his hand on the Colours before they were carried reverentially to the battalions.  

Music was provided by The Band of The Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment.

The Commanding Officer of the Battalion, Lieutenant Colonel Steve Garmony said: “I feel enormously proud to have led the Battalion on parade to receives its first Colours. 

“It is a historic day for our regimental family, and we are honoured that His Royal Highness Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark has been able to present the Colours on behalf of the Colonel-in-Chief of the Regiment, his mother Queen Margrethe II of Denmark. 

“Occasions such as this reminds us of our heritage, the sacrifice of so many and the steadfastness of our soldiers, all of which serves to make the Regiment so unique.”

Colours have huge significance to infantry regiments of the British Army. A rallying point in the heat and smoke of ancient battle, soldiers would sacrifice everything to protect the Colour from enemy capture. Colours are exquisitely handmade of precious silks, silver and gilt threads and bear the battle honours and symbols of the battalions

Infantry units each have two Colours: the King’s colour, which is a Union Jack and symbolises the Regiment’s loyalty to the Crown; and a Regimental Colour, which for PWRR is yellow. It displays 82 of the Regiment’s battle honours including 42 from World War One and World War Two. The Regiment’s 1st, 2nd and 3rd Battalions received their new Colours in 2017.

The Regiment’s military connection with Denmark dates back to 1689 when Prince George of Denmark became the Colonel of one of the forebear regiments; 3rd Foot, later the Buffs (Royal East Kent Regiment). In recent years, battalions of PWRR have served alongside the Danish Army in both Iraq and Afghanistan.