Good luck Polar Preet!

We’re wishing Polar Preet the very best as she starts her epic journey to the South Pole.

The British Army Captain aims to be the first woman of colour to complete a solo expedition in Antarctica.

Preet is also taking on the 700-mile challenge unsupported, meaning she has to drag all of the food, fuel and equipment for the trek in a sled weighing around 90kg at the outset, as there will be no resupply.

The food alone took two days to pack."

Speaking just before embarking on her trailblazing challenge, Preet said: “The food alone took me a whole two days to pack. I had to take everything out of the original packaging and break it down into smaller pieces.

“My evening meals are freeze dried. My graze bags which I’ll eat during the day when I take short breaks on the ice are a mixture of nuts, raisins, chocolates, etc. Most importantly, I have also packed a daily hot chocolate. I’ll be given the fuel when I get to Antarctica.

“My comms kit has all been set up too, I have tested my satellite phones, inReach and Iridium Go. I have all the waypoints in my GPS, marked on a map, my compass is ready and I’m good to go!

I'm very excited to get started!"

“It’s pretty incredible to know that I’m so close to the start after two and a half years and so much training. I’m feeling very excited to get started now.”

Preet, a physiotherapist with 3 Medical Regiment, will endure temperatures as low as -50C and wind speeds of up to 60mph during the challenge which is expected to last between 45 and 48 days.

She says it’s incredibly important to be a role model for others by breaking down barriers and inspiring people to break out of stereotypical norms.

She said: “It’s hard to step out of your comfort zone. I was worried about even describing myself as a woman of colour because of how other people would perceive it. But this is how I identify. My brown skin, my culture is all part of who I am, and it is a big part of me.”

The 32-year-old from Derby won’t be resting on her laurels following her historic mission. She already has her sights set on attempting a full crossing of Antarctica from coast to coast solo and unsupported in the next couple of years.