Army Medical Services

3 Medical Regiment

Role 1 Medical Support

3 Medical Regiment is a Role 1 Medical Support unit, based in Preston, Lancashire. It is a hybrid Regiment under Future Army 2020 comprising of both Regular and Reserve Medical Support Squadrons which deploy all over the world.

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Our role

3 Medical Regiment’s primary purpose is to provide Role 1 medical support, acting as a first port of call for injured personnel in the field. From here, they can receive care from basic first aid to life saving medical treatment.

As well as fielding both regular and reserve soldiers and officers, they also employ professionally qualified doctors and dentists, assisting them in delivering the very best of care to those that need it.

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Our squadrons

3 Medical Regiment one of two hybrid medical regiments within of 102 Logistics Brigade that re-formed in its current structure on 1 April 2014.

Regular units

  • Regimental Headquarters
  • 18 Support Squadron
  • 12 Medical Squadron

Reservist units

  • 64 Medical Squadron
  • 251 Medical Squadron

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64 Medical Squadron, 3 Medical Regiment

251 Medical Squadron, 3 Medical Regiment