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37 Signal Regiment


37 Signal Regiment

37 Signal Regiment role is to provide Information Communication Services (ICS) capability in support of the UK and contingent operations, primarily responding to major incidents within the UK.

The Regiment also provides manpower (Individual Augmentees) to our paired Regular Royal Signals unit on exercises and operations abroad. A vibrant and diverse team, 37 Signal Regiment constantly and consistently challenge themselves and each other to deliver the very best in the wide variety of tasks they undertake.

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Our Role

The primary trade for the Regiment is Royal Signals Communications System Operator, and Signallers have the opportunity to provide a range of Information Communication Services (ICS) in support of exercises and deployments around the world.

The Regiment supports Operations in the UK and overseas, with personnel having served in Europe and the Middle East in recent times. Exchange programmes to the USA are conducted on a regular basis, and tours in the Falkland Islands also provide an interesting challenge.

More recently, Regiment personnel were deployed on Op Rescript: Covid Support Force 22.


Personnel train on equipment regularly throughout the year on Tuesday evenings (1930 to 2130 hours), and at weekends, to ensure that the Regiment is ready and prepared to carry out its mission in support of 3(UK) Division.

There are opportunities to complete specialist communications projects in Cyber and installing Local Area Networks (LANs) for example, as well as obtaining driving qualifications up to Cat C+E; to enable the Regiment to deploy communications vehicles on exercise and operations. 

There are also opportunities for Royal Signals Officers and Command Teams to plan communications support for a wide range of tasks; including UK operations from floods and pandemics, through to periods of industrial action.



Adventurous Training

Participation in Adventure Training (AT) and Sport is strongly encouraged by the Regiment and there are plenty of opportunities to get involved; including Skiing, Snowboarding, Climbing and Mountain biking to highlight a few. 

AT plays a key part in preparing service personnel for operations by promoting and developing leadership, physical fitness, courage and resilience. AT involves controlled exposure to, and the acceptance of risk. It presents challenging tasks in demanding and unfamiliar environments; fostering initiative, communication, self-reliance and team work.


Our Community

As an Army Reserve Unit, we work closely with local communities through a range of Employer and Community Engagement events each year; examples include, Employers on the 25 Metre Range at Swynnerton, Birmingham Remembrance Day Parade and Birmingham City Match Day marking Remembrance Sunday, and the Royal Signals (Northern) Band, based in Darlington, supporting Armed Forces Day celebrations.

Our People

Our soldiers are rich in diversity and come from a wide range of backgrounds, which represents today's modern society. Trained as soldiers first, they move on to develop a wide range of skills, many of which are transferable into the civilian work place.

it is the best thing I have ever done Sig Nicklin

I am Signaller Jessica Nicklin from 37th Signal Regiment. I work as an Administrator for an engineering company. I am a single mother of four amazing children that are extremely proud of me and really encourage me to pursue my dreams.

I applied for the Army Reserves last summer as I wanted to do something different to everyday life by putting my spare time to good use to develop myself further and gain new skills along the way and I can say it is the best thing I have ever done. I have already learnt so much and have just recently passed the first part of my training.

I am so proud of myself and my achievements so far. I really look forward to all the rest of wonderful opportunities being a Reservist will bring to my life. I love to travel, I flew for the first time almost three years ago. I was never really into my fitness and it has only been the past year that I have really worked on this. I am currently following the Army’s 8 week fitness programme which is in preparation for my Bravo course.

I have had so much encouragement from my unit who are always there to help and advise me. So a massive thank you to them. If there is anyone thinking of joining, I would honestly say go for it, you will accomplish so much and gain skills you never thought you would!

my Communications and Leadership training has been invaluable Sgt Fountain

Joining the Royal Signals Reserve has been a great experience for me. I initially trained as a Networks Engineer but have engaged in many varied roles, including working in Recruitment and instructing on Basic Training Courses.

The skills I have gained through my Communications and Leadership training have been invaluable.

I have had plenty of opportunities for travel with my unit from Skiing in France to Sailing in Cyprus to carrying out a soldier exchange programme with US forces, as well as taking part in many exercises abroad. In sport, I have represented the Royal Corps of Signals Reserve at Football and the Army has also been very supportive of my music career.


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