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Swift and Bold

The Rifles was formed in 2007 through the merger of four famous Regiments and forged during the campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan. Riflemen pride themselves on being distinctive, forward looking, modern and professional. It is a point of pride to say "I am a Rifleman."

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1 February 2007







our skills

Riflemen draw on a unique history and are distinct from the remainder of the British Army in their outlook, dress, customs and traditions. Officers and soldiers alike within The Rifles are called Riflemen.  Riflemen are selected, developed and renowned for their forward-looking attitude; inclusive, informal and professional approach; and, above all, their expertise on the battlefield. These qualities are what we look for in Riflemen. What The Rifles offer in return is:

Respect.  Riflemen lead the way into battle and have been shaping the future of the British Army for generations.

Independence.  Riflemen are well-paid, enjoy life and work in battalions where every individual’s ideas really count.

Friends for life.  Riflemen belong to a special club and band together into a close-knit brotherhood that lasts forever.

Learning.  Riflemen receive world-class training, supported throughout, including driving licenses and qualifications.

Excitement.  Riflemen are often deployed on operations and paid to play sport, go on adventurous training and travel the world.

Success.  Riflemen promote quickly, earning more money and responsibly, and frequently prosper in later life.  

World wide

The Rifles has Riflemen consistently deployed on operations and training worldwide.

  • Iraq - 6 tours 
  • Afghanistan - 12 tours
  • Estonia (NATO) 2017
  • Worldwide 2007 to Present, including:
    • Africa
    • Belize
    • Canada
    • Gabon
    • Kenya
    • Mali
    • Sudan
    • Eastern Europe

Our People

All of us who serve in The Rifles take pride in being known as "Riflemen" because the term is an expression of our unified and collective identity, and the respect we hold for each other.

Col-Comdt-3.jpg (1)
General Sir Nicholas Carter KCB CBE DSO ADC Gen - Colonel Commandant The Rifles
Comd SM Terry Rafferty MC - Command Serjeant Major The Rifles
It is a point of pride to say "I am a Rifleman."

Regimental Headquarters and Associations

Peninsula Barracks, WINCHESTER

The Rifles is national regiment with strong ties to the places where our Forming Regiments were raised. Riflemen are offered a choice of locations in which to serve, from an unmatched range of bases within three hours' travelling time from practically anywhere within the UK.

This allows Riflemen to travel home at weekends whenever they are not busy or deployed overseas on operations or training.

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Swift and Bold - the "Thinking Rifleman" Jack, 19

Check out our Battalions by clicking on the Battalion name below.

  • 1 RIFLES - Light Infantry Role
  • 2 RIFLES - Light Infantry Role
  • 3 RIFLES - Mechanised Infantry Role (Strike)
  • 4 RIFLES - Specialised Infantry Role
  • 5 RIFLES - Armoured Infantry Role
  • 6 RIFLES - Reserve Battalion (South West)
  • 7 RIFLES - Reserve Battalion (London/South)
  • 8 RIFLES - Reserve Battalion (North/Midlands)
  • F (RIFLES) Company - London Regiment

Through the years

The Rifles formed in 2007 when four of the most famous Regiments in the British Army merged together into a modern and exciting large regiment optimised for 21st Century warfare. Formed in the crucible of operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, The Rifles holds an incredible 913 battle honours, world record 117 Victoria Crosses (VC) and has a living history that is second to none.

  1. 1685 - Present

    The first British soldiers to wear camouflaged uniforms and 'skirmish' were Riflemen.

  2. Peninsula War

    1808-14. Renown for their fitness, initiative and fighting spirit in Spain and Portugal; Riflemen were the first to be issued rifles and 'swords' rather than muskets and bayonets.  

  3. World War I

    1914-18.  The Antecedent and Forming Regiments of The Rifles made a massive contribution, earning 49 Victoria Crosses.  

  4. World War II

    1939-45. The first Mechanised Infantry, and first soldiers on the ground on D Day (Pegasus Bridge) were Riflemen.   

  5. 2007-Present

    Since formation in 2007, Riflemen have constantly been engaged on operations; amassing over 100 gallantry awards including a George Medal, 4 x CGCs, 11 x DSOs, 5 x QGMs and 21 Military Crosses.

  6. Future

    Recognised for innovation and professional excellence on the battlefield over centuries and with battalions now in four of the five possible Infantry roles, The Rifles is certain to play a key part in future major military campaigns. 

Our Locations

  • 1 RIFLES

    Beachley Barracks, Beachley Road, CHEPSTOW, Wales, NP16 7YG Telephone: 01291 645 220

  • 2 RIFLES

    Thiepval Barracks, Magheralave Road, LISBURN, Northern Ireland, BFPO 801 Telephone: 02892 262 133

  • 3 RIFLES

    Dreghorn Barracks, Redford Road, EDINBURGH, Midlothian, EH13 9QW Telephone: 0131 102 727

  • 4 RIFLES

    New Normandy Barracks, Evelyn Woods Road, ALDERSHOT, Hampshire, GU11 2LZ Telephone: 01252 347 609

  • 5 RIFLES

    Ward Barracks,Bulford Station, SALISBURY, Wiltshire, SP4 9NA Telephone: 01980 672 794

  • 6 RIFLES

    Battalion Headquarters and Headquarters Company, Wyvern Barracks, EXETER, Devon, EX2 6AR Telephone: 01392 492 472

  • 6 RIFLES

    Headquarters Company detachment, Oakleigh Road, BARNSTABLE, EX32 8JT Telephone: 01392 492510

  • 6 RIFLES

    Headquarters Company detachment, York Road, PAIGNTON, TQ4 5NJ Telephone: 01452 523132

  • 6 RIFLES

    A Company, Eastern Avenue, GL4 3BD Telephone: 01452 523132

  • 6 RIFLES

    3 Platoon, A Company, HMS Flying Fox, Winterstoke Road, BS3 2NS Telephone: 01452 523132

  • 6 RIFLES

    2 Platoon, A Company, Suvla Barracks, HR1 2QX Telephone: 01432 360752

  • 6 RIFLES

    C Company, Poundbury Road, DORCHESTER, DT1 1TA Telephone: 01305 264969

  • 6 RIFLES

    6 Platoon, C Company, Wallisdown Road, POOLE BH12 5AD Telephone: 01305 264969

  • 6 RIFLES

    D Company, Moresk Road, TRURO, TR1 1DF Telephone: 01872 272010

  • 6 RIFLES

    8 Platoon, D Company, Millbay Park, PLYMOUTH, PL1 3BQ Telephone: 01872 272010

  • 7 RIFLES

    Headquarters Company, Brock Barracks, Oxford Road, READING, RG30 1HW Telephone: 0118 953 0239

  • 7 RIFLES

    B Company, Army Reserve Centre, Church Place, SWINDON, SN1 5ED Telephone: 0118 953 0239

  • 7 RIFLES

    A Company, Edward Brooks Barracks, Cholswell Road, ABINGDON, OX13 6HW Telephone: 01235 548003

  • 7 RIFLES

    High Wycombe Platoon, Youens House, Old Horns Lane, Booker, HIGH WYCOMBE, SL7 3DU Telephone: 01235 548003

  • 7 RIFLES

    Aylesbury Platoon, Viney House, Oxford Road, AYLESBURY, HP19 8RN Telephone: 01235 548003

  • 7 RIFLES

    Battalion Headquarters 1a Iverna Gdns, Kensington W8 6TN Telephone: 020 7629 3674

  • 7 RIFLES

    G Company, Army Reserve Centre, The Cedars, Portway, WEST HAM, E15 3QN Telephone: 020 8472 0140

  • 7 RIFLES

    G Company, Army Reserve Centre, 405 Mile End Road, LONDON, E3 4PD Telephone: 0118 953 0239

  • 8 RIFLES

    Battalion Headquarters and Headquarters Company, St Andrew's Road, BISHOPS AUCKLAND, DL14 6RX Telephone: 0191 375 5199

  • 8 RIFLES

    D Company, The Gilesgate Armoury, Gilesgate, DURHAM, DH1 1JR Telephone: 0191 375 5199

  • 8 RIFLES

    2 Platoon, D Company and Assault Pioneer Pl, HQ Company, ARC Dykelands Rd, Seaburn, SUNDERLAND, SR6 8DP Telephone: 0191 375 5199

  • 8 RIFLES

    E Company, ARC, Bligny House, Copthorne Road, SHREWSBURY, SY3 8LZ Telephone: 01743 842034 or 01743 842026

  • 8 RIFLES

    5 Platoon, E Company, Golden Hillcock Road, Sparkbrook, BIRMINGHAM, B11 2QG Telephone: 01743 842034 or 01743 842026

  • 8 RIFLES

    Y Company, Wakefield Road, PONTEFRACT, WF8 4ES Telephone: 01302 322776

  • 8 RIFLES

    8 Platoon, Y Company, Danum Road, DONCASTER, DN4 5HD Telephone: 01302 322776

Army Indust Sym - Picture2.png

Army discusses the future with industry

Today, over 320 members of the defence industry gathered virtually with the British Army at the Land Industrial Symposium to discuss mutual investment in the transformation of the Army and the future security and prosperity of the United Kingdom.

APOLOND-2020-060-Rifes Colonel in Chief-049.jpg

Transfer of the Colonel-in-Chief of The Rifles

Earlier today in a short ceremony at Windsor Castle and Highgrove House, Gloucestershire the transfer of the Colonel-in-Chief of The Rifles from His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh to Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cornwall took place.



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