Duchess of Rothesay’s first visit to 3 Rifles as Colonel-in-Chief

The Duchess of Rothesay, Colonel-in-Chief, The Rifles, visited 3rd Battalion The Rifles (3 RIFLES) in Dreghorn Barracks, Edinburgh and met Riflemen and their families before presenting a number of service medals and awards.

Upon arrival at the Battalion Headquarters HRH was received by the Commanding Officer; Lieutenant Colonel Andrew Boardman. HRH met Riflemen and their families in a reception in the Battalion’s Welfare Centre.  During the reception, HRH met Riflemen who have recently returned from Romania as well as those receiving awards and commendations before the Commanding Officer said a few words.  HRH became Colonel-in-Chief to The Rifles on 22nd July 2020 and this is her fourth visit to a Rifles Battalion following her new appointment. It was HRH's first visit to 3 RIFLES.  
3 RIFLES are a Mechanised Infantry Battalion, based mainly in Dreghorn Barracks, Edinburgh. They have been heavily committed to tackling the COVID-19 pandemic over the last eighteen months and recently deployed teams to Dumfries and Galloway to provide assistance in vaccination centres. In April, 3 RIFLES Fire Support Company deployed to Romania on Exercise Noble Jump, working alongside multinational units to rehearse a joint response to an act of foreign aggression.  The Battalion continues to support a wide variety of tasks and currently has Riflemen deployed in Sweden, Germany, Croatia and Australia, developing relationships and sharing experience. 
The Rifles are a Regiment who can trace their history back to before the Napoleonic Wars; in fact, all the way back to 1685. Although in its present form the Rifles Regiment was established in 2007 the former Regiments that make up the eight Battalions of the RIFLES have participated in all the United Kingdom’s conflicts over the last two hundred years and more. Famed for their light infantry skill and their weapon skills, the iconic image of the green jacketed Riflemen is one that has become famous in popular culture. The Regiment carries those traditions through to this day with the motto ‘Swift and Bold’.