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RMP Reserves

Royal Military Police Reserves are highly trained men and women who work alongside their Regular Army counterparts both on exercise and during operations.

What we do

The role of the Royal Military Police Reserves is the same as their Regular Army counterparts; to provide military police support to the Army on operations.

As a reserve Royal Military Policeman or woman you will be trained to undertake a variety of roles in addition to the normal military skills required of a Army Reserve officer or soldier.

These specialist skills include:

  • Incident control
  • Crime scene management
  • Military and civil law
  • Arrest and restraint
  • Police patrolling
  • Captured persons handling

In addition to comprehensive training you also have the opportunity to:

  • Travel overseas
  • Work alongside Regular Army personnel
  • Be paid at near Regular Army rates
  • Qualify for an annual tax free bounty payment
  • Attend adventurous training and sport
  • Acquire further specialist skills

Joining Us

Once you have contacted your local Royal Military Police Reserve unit you will be asked to come and discuss your interest and ambition in joining with one of our recruiting staff. You will be assessed to ensure you meet our minimum entry criteria.

Age Limit: 17.5 - 50 years of age.
Educational Standard: GCSE pass at Grade C in English and Mathematics.
Nationality: You must be a commonwealth citizen.
Fitness: You must be of reasonable fitness to undertake training.
Criminal Convictions: Ideally a Military Policeman should not have a criminal record of any description however, in certain circumstances, some non-serious offences and spent convictions may be disregarded if declared, at an early stage in the application process. A full criminal records check is routinely made as part of the application process.

You will be expected to be able to commit to the following minimum training period:


As an RMP Reserve officer you are responsible for leading, managing and motivating highly skilled soldiers. Being an officer is one of the ultimate management challenges. You need the desire to lead others and take responsibility for them.

Officer Training

As a potential RMP Reserve Officer you will be required to undertake the standard Army Officer Selection Board (AOSB) and Commissioning Course (CC) before being commissioned into the RMP Reserve. Once you have passed out of RMA Sandhurst you will be required to attend the Military Police Officers Course (MPOC).



As a RMP Reserve Non Commissioned Officer (NCO) you will be trained in a variety of policing and military skills that are required for you to support the Regular RMP on exercises and operations.

We need highly motivated men and women who have good communication skills, an enquiring mind and common sense. The training is varied and demanding as RMP Reserves must be soldiers first, as well as having the skills required for police work.


31 days training in your first year (this includes a 15 day residential training course at an Army Training Regiment) to complete your initial soldier training.

Once you have passed out of initial training you will need to complete your RMP Special to Arm training which will culminate in you being awarded the coveted scarlet beret. You will then be qualified as a Royal Military Police Lance Corporal.

Trained Soldier

After your first year of service with the RMP Reserve you will be expected to attend 27 days training per year (this includes 15 days continuous training on a course or camp).

Logistic and Administrative Support

Each RMP Reserve unit is given vital support by personnel from other branches of the Army. Therefore opportunities exist to serve alongside RMP Reserve personnel in the following trades:

  • Vehicle Mechanics
  • Cooks
  • Clerks

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