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Adjutant General's Corps

Staff and Personnel Support

Staff and Personnel Support

The Staff and Personnel Support (SPS) Branch is a large part of the Adjutant General’s Corps. SPS personnel are soldiers first and serve alongside and administer every Unit in the British Army, Regular and Reserve.

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SPS Personnel

SPS personnel are responsible for the provision of Personnel Administration and Management Information, Financial Management (including pay, allowances, recovery of charges, accounting and audit) and Administrative Staff Support to the British Army, during peacetime and on operations. People are the Army’s most important resource and we look after all of them.

The SPS Detachment is a close-knit team of approximately 20 SPS soldiers, high quality individuals whose role is to provide HR administration and financial support to every member of the Unit which could be up to 700 strong. They are an integral part of the Unit organisation and work very closely with the Unit Chain of Command to ensure the Unit and everybody in it is ready to undertake their mission. SPS officers and soldiers often find themselves in positions of unusually high responsibility in the provision of the SPS Branch Core Tasks.

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Soldier recruiting

SPS personnel are soldiers first and serve alongside and administer every unit in the British Army. People are the Army's most important resource, and we are people orientated.

Soldier recruitment