Adjutant General's Corps

Staff and Personnel Support

People are not in the Army; people are the Army

The Staff and Personnel Support (SPS) Branch ensure that the British Army’s people are ready to deploy at a moment’s notice by managing its people, its finances and its information. We are soldiers first, and serve alongside every Unit in the British Army; wherever the Army goes, there we are.

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SPS Soldiers

SPS soldiers are responsible for the Personnel Administration, Accountancy and Financial Management, and Information Management/Information Exploitation to the British Army. Deployed overseas and in the UK on operations, we manage the Army’s most powerful weapon: its personnel.

SPS soldiers work in close-knit Detachments of approximately 20 personnel. Attached to every unit in the British Army, as well as overseas locations such as NATO HQs and British Embassies, they are a key part of the Unit organisation and work closely with the Unit hierarchy to ensure readiness to deploy on operations, before deploying with their unit to continue providing integral support. SPS officers and soldiers often find themselves in positions of unusually high responsibility right from the start of their careers. This is reflected in our motto: Animo et Fide – with resolution and fidelity.


Soldier Recruiting

The SPS are recruiting now nationwide. We are looking for highly-motivated, competent and enthusiastic individuals with excellent people-skills to not just be a soldier, but be a soldier who can do more. Become a soldier with skills for now, and skills for life.

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Officer Recruiting

You’ll lead and manage a team of approximately 20 soldiers providing administration and financial support to every member of the unit which you are attached to. You will be responsible for the training and career management of your soldiers as well as the readiness of your unit to deploy on Operations and Exercises.

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Army Welfare Service

The Army Welfare Service (AWS) is an integral branch of the Adjutant General’s Corps and is the Army’s professional welfare provider. The AWS provide specialist welfare support across four key delivery areas: Personal Support, Community Support, Information Support (Army HIVE) and the Joint Service Housing Advice Office.

AWS Personal Support. Provide independent, confidential and professional specialist welfare services to soldiers and their families, specialist advice to the CoC and outside agencies and is delivered by military and civilian Army Welfare Workers and Personal Recovery Unit Social Workers. Find out more on the Personnel and Welfare page.

For all Personal Support enquiries and referrals please contact the Intake and Assessment Team on: [email protected] or 01904 882053.