Army’s Only Cyber Regiment Celebrates First Birthday

13 Signal Regiment, the Army’s only cyber regiment, has marked its first anniversary milestone.

Based in Blandford, Dorset, the unit’s role is to oversee, assure and protect deployed Command and Information Services as well as to pave the way for the development and integration of new communications technologies into service. 

Its formation was an important step in the development of the Army, the Royal Signals and the soldiers of the future. 

Lieutenant Colonel Ed Swift Commanding Officer, 13 Signal Regiment said: “The Corps’ traditional excellence in network assurance has now evolved to incorporate cyber security as a key tenet. Defence’s exponential growth in digitisation over the last decade has led to increased value of and reliance on data. This has greatly increased the complexity of the networks and the military value of secure data.” 

13 Signal Regiment is at the forefront of this domain for the Army, ensuring the quality and assuring the security of the Army’s data and networks Lt Col Swift

In this dynamic and ever-changing domain, 13 Signal Regiment needs to continuously and consistently evolve in response to developing technologies and approaches.  
Currently represented by 18 cap badges from across the 3 services, and each Squadron in the Regiment provides a unique role that is not replicated anywhere else in Defence. 

The Regiment has supported 13 Operations, 35 Exercises and assisted the Royal Navy on ten tasks. It has also conducted multiple trials in support of Defence since it was stood up. 



Enhancing the Army’s Digital Backbone 

Within the Regiment, the Communications Information Systems Trials and Development Unit (CIS TDU) is responsible for testing, trialling and assuring CIS equipment on behalf of Defence, providing expertise from a team of technical specialists with the ‘soldiers perspective’ on CIS equipment.  

It is also heavily complimented by the ability to work with industry partners and specialist agencies, such as Defence Science and Technology Laboratory. 
Support is supplied to a range of areas, including tactical communications in Land Environment, Electronic Counter Measures, and providing support to large Defence experimentation activities such as the Army Warfighting Experiment 2020.  

Cyber security education is the greatest weapon of the modern Army. We are living in a cyber society, where security is the most significant threat. 13 Signal Regiment protects our vitally important networks Cpl Tajinder Singh BENg (Hons)

As 13 Signal Regiment enters its second year, the Trials and Development Unit (TDU) is set to continue to build on its success, to aid larger projects, as well as conducting research and innovation to continuously improve the equipment available.  With activities looking to increase the range, data capacity and ability of networks to function in contested environments, the TDU is ready to support and enhance the ability of the British Army to dominate, control and exploit the electromagnetic spectrum.