British Army resumes training

As part of the public health protection measures directed by the Government in March, the Army suspended most activity to maintain resilience to respond to the crisis and to play our part in reducing the spread of Coronavirus.

The Army has commenced the phased re-start of training across its training establishments, having ensured they are equipped and ready to begin training soldiers again.

While some training has been made available remotely, any interruption in training has the potential to impact Army numbers. In order to protect the nation, we need to ensure we have enough soldiers trained to continue operations and other essential tasks.   

Essential training has continued in order to maintain critical operational outputs. Where this is necessary, such activity has been conducted in line with Government guidance as far as possible. 

The safety and welfare of our personnel remains paramount and we are taking appropriate measures to mitigate any risks as far as possible, this may include isolation for a period before training. We have put measures in place to safeguard and reduce the risks to our people and their families as far as possible. 

Current timings for the resumption of our training are as follows: 

  • Resume Army Basic Training at reduced capacity on 11 May 
  • Restart Sandhurst (RMAS) training with a single intake on 17 May 
  • Restart Army Reserves basic training from 29 May 
  • Restart trade training (Regular and Reserves) not before 11 May  

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British Army Returns to Training