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HRH Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh

10 June 1921 - 9 April 2021

It is with the utmost sadness that we learned of the death of His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh. His Royal Highness was hugely significant in the Armed Forces having served operationally himself for many years, and he was respected by all who served alongside him and after him. He was made Field Marshal of the British Army in 1953, a rank he held until his death, and he enjoyed strong lifelong connections with many British and Commonwealth services, regiments and corps. His loss is deeply felt and our thoughts are with Her Majesty The Queen and the Royal Family.

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New Year Honours List 2019 recognises military personnel

The service and dedication of 67 soldiers and officers, regular and reserve, are being recognised in the New Year Honours List 2019. The men and women from all ranks and all walks of life are being honoured for their service to the military and the nation.

Topping the list is Chief of the General Staff General Mark Carleton-Smith CBE, who is honoured as a Knight Commander of the Most Honourable Order of the Bath (KCB). Earning the knighthood, he takes the on the honorary title of Sir, which is traditionally bestowed upon all those officers who lead the British Army.

Major General Susan Ridge is to be made a Companion of The Most Honourable Order of the Bath (CB). Gen Ridge is Director General of the Army Legal Services Branch and is the first woman to hold the two-star rank of Major General.

The Most Honourable Order of the Bath is an order of chivalry founded by George I in 1725 and derives its name from the elaborate medieval ceremony for appointing a knight, which involved bathing as one of its elements.

‘Inspired thousands to achieve goals they never thought possible’

Some of those receiving an appointment to the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire as a Member (MBE) include Major Pervez Badruddin of the City of London and North East Sector Army Cadet Force who is being recognised for 46 ‘exceptional years of loyal service’ to the Army Cadet Force in London.

His citation says: “He has made an exceptional contribution to thousands of young people across diverse backgrounds. His energy and drive to the cadets, his community and his mosque has been an example to all. His work has built many bridges and inspired many young people to achieve more than they thought possible through active participation in Army Cadet Force activities as well as working with vulnerable youths.”

Major Nics Wetherill, Ice Maiden Expedition team leader, is also to be honoured with an MBE. She made history by planning and leading the first all-female team across the Antarctic unassisted. Not only did they succeed, when many doubted they would, but the expedition “has been noted as an example of the highest standards of polar expedition planning and execution, providing a template for further expeditions to these regions to emulate,” according to the citation.

“The expedition has excited and inspired thousands to achieve goals they never thought possible.”

Lieutenant Scott Sears, 1st Battalion Royal Gurkha Rifles, became the youngest person to reach the South Pole alone and unassisted, on Christmas Day 2017. He raised more than £40,000 for the Gurkha Welfare Fund whilst conducting the record breaking feat in his own time. He is also being awarded the MBE.

Captain Melonie Adair, RAMC, commissioned into the Royal Medical Corps and became the first ever female Quartermaster (Technical) in the history of the Army Medical Services. As a soldier in the Royal Logistic Corps, her dedication and selfless commitment saw her reach the rank of Warrant Officer Class 1 in just 14 years.

Melonie’s citation says: “Throughout 22 years of an outstanding military career, she has been at the leading-edge of a vanguard of women seizing every opportunity to expand the boundaries of what is possible for those that follow.

“At every step of the way she has given her all, deploying to every major operational theatre and multiple exercises worldwide.” She is to be awarded an MBE.

Appointments to the Military Division of the Most Honourable Order of The Bath

As Knight Commander (KCB)

General Mark Alexander Popham CARLETON-SMITH, CBE

As Companions (CB)

Acting Lieutenant General Martin Charles Marshall BRICKNELL, QHP

Major General Susan Kerstin RIDGE

Appointments to and promotions in the Military Division of the Most Excellent Order of The Bath

As Commanders (CBE)

Brigadier James Drew DANIEL, MBE

Brigadier Peter DENNIS

Brigadier Andrew Timothy JACKSON

Colonel James Graham ROBINSON

Brigadier David William SOUTHALL, OBE

As Officers (OBE)

Colonel Paul Julian ARMSTRONG

Lieutenant Colonel Nicholas Marshall WIGHT-BOYCOTT, The Royal Regiment of Scotland

Lieutenant Colonel Neil James Mark BUDD, MBE, Royal Regiment of Artillery

Acting Colonel Kim James KNUTTON, Army Cadet Force

Lieutenant Colonel (now Colonel) David Mark STOTER, Royal Corps of Signals

Lieutenant Colonel Samuel Roy STUTHRIDGE, Corps of Royal Engineers

Colonel Ross David THURLOW

Colonel Stuart Charles WILLIAMS

As Members (MBE)

Captain Melonie Jane ADAIR, Royal Army Medical Corps

Corporal of Horse Carl Adam ADAMS, The Blues and Royals (Royal Horse Guards and 1st Dragoons)

Lieutenant Colonel Daniel James ASHTON, Royal Corps of Signals

Acting Captain (now Acting Major) Pervez BADRUDDIN, Army Cadet Force

Corporal (now Sergeant) Andrew Charles BARTON, The Mercian Regiment

Captain Kevin Stuart BARTRAM, Corps of Royal Engineers

Major (now Lieutenant Colonel) Philip Richard George BRAY, The Rifles

Acting Major Trevor CALTON, Army Cadet Force

Major Nicholas Peter COLQUHOUN, The Royal Regiment of Scotland

Lieutenant Colonel Peter William CONN, Corps of Royal Engineers

Major Jonathan Christopher CORBETT, The Royal Logistic Corps

Warrant Officer Class 1 Terry Brian DOVE, The Light Dragoons

Major Matthew Christopher DUFF, Royal Corps of Signals

Corporal Paul David GRIFFIN, Intelligence Corps

Sergeant Martin Peter HUNT, Corps of Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers

Corporal Sohail IFRAZ, Adjutant General’s Corps (Staff and Personnel Support Branch)

Major Andrew Alfred Alexander INGLIS, VR, Corps of Royal Engineers, Army Reserve

Major Mandy ISLAM, Royal Army Medical Corps

Chaplain to the Forces (3rd Class) Reverend Peter William Stephen KING, Royal Army Chaplains’ Department

Major Paul Robert McPHERSON, Royal Regiment of Artillery

Lieutenant Colonel Martin Paul PAYNE, BEM, Royal Army Medical Corps

Warrant Officer Class 1 Gareth David Wolf PRYOR, The Royal Logistic Corps

Major Edward James QUICKE, The Light Dragoons

Warrant Officer Class 1 Marc David RICHARDSON, The Royal Logistic Corps

Acting Lieutenant Colonel (now Lieutenant Colonel) Kevin Frazier Nash ROBERTS, Corps of Army Music

Lieutenant Scott SEARS, The Royal Gurkha Rifles

Lieutenant Colonel Brendan SHAW, Army Air Corps

Warrant Officer Class 2 Lee Michael SHIELDS, The Yorkshire Regiment

Major (now Acting Lieutenant Colonel) David Joseph STEAD, Corps of Royal Engineers

Major Emma Margaret THOMAS, Royal Corps of Signals

Major James THOMPSON, VR, Intelligence Corps, Army Reserve

Major Alan Patrick TINDALE, The Royal Logistic Corps

Major Arran David Egglinton WADE, The Parachute Regiment

Major (now Acting Lieutenant Colonel) Caroline Ruth WADE, The Royal Logistic Corps

Warrant Officer Class 2 Paul Vincent WADE, Royal Corps of Signals

Captain James Anthony WADSWORTH, CGC, The Royal Logistic Corps

Major Christopher Michael WANE, Royal Regiment of Artillery

Major Nicola Claire Temple WETHERILL, Royal Army Medical Corps

Major Richard Peter Philip WILSON, VR, The Parachute Regiment, Army Reserve

Captain Hannah Rose WINTERBOURNE, Corps of Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers


Royal Red Cross

As Ordinary Member, First Class (RRC)

Lieutenant Colonel Jayne Elizabeth CUMMING, Queen Alexandra’s Royal Army Nursing Corps

As Ordinary Associate, Second Class (ARRC)

Sergeant Colodia Sukali MUZVIDZIWA, Queen Alexandra’s Royal Army Nursing Corps

Queen’s Volunteer Reserves Medal (QVRM)

Warrant Officer Class 2 Simon James COULSON, VR, The Mercian Regiment, Army Reserve

Brigadier Peter Huw GILBERT, TD DL VR, Army Reserve

Warrant Officer Class 2 Michael James GUEST, VR, The Royal Logistic Corps, Army Reserve

Major Iain McLean MACDONALD, VR, The Royal Logistic Corps, Army Reserve

In addition to these State honours, 45 members of the Army are to receive the Meritorious Service Medal.

The Army’s New Year’s Honours List 2019 is published in the London Gazette at 2230 hrs on Friday 28 December 2018.