Soldiers trial ‘game-changing’ communications kit

Soldiers on Operation Cabrit in Poland have been trialling the latest dismounted situational awareness kit.

1st The Queen’s Dragoon Guards, known as The Welsh Cavalry, deployed to the north east of the country in April and recently took part in a massive NATO battlefield exercise on the Bemowo Piskie Training Area. 

During the complex two weeks of training, in the lead up to the final stage of Exercise Sabre Strike, the Welsh Cavalry were able to use cutting-edge technology to better execute the communications and battlefield picture with their NATO partners - the Polish 15th Mechanized Brigade and US, Romanian and Croatian forces. 

Major Ben Parkyn, officer commanding C Squadron QDG, explained the new piece of kit: "We’re never going to get away from being able to use a map and nor should we, but this kit allows us to operate much more quickly to give us a common operating picture across the whole frontage.

“The added bonus is it’s the same system as the US Net Warrior so we get the US call signs moving across.

“It also allows me to send messages and imagery back to where I need to and, as a reconnaissance asset, is absolutely vital so we get timely and accurate information going where it needs to in order for decisions to be made.

"Each of the troop sergeants and troop leaders has one of these and it allows us to see the call signs and sections. We’re able to stream live chat and imagery directly back to Army HQ. It’s a game changer."