Royal Corps of Signals

1 Signal Regiment

Armoured Signallers

1 Signal Regiment provides critical communications support to 20 Armoured Infantry Brigade. Using the FV 432 Bulldog Armoured Vehicle, they can deploy the Brigade Commander’s Headquarters with secure communications anywhere on the battlefield.

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Armoured Signallers

Our Skills

Armoured Signallers must be versatile and fast moving, providing support to the combat arms at the frontline of the battlefield. 1 Signal Regiment utilise a number of capabilities to ensure this support is delivered. Their capabilities include:

  • Cyber Engineer
  • Information Services Engineer
  • Networks Engineer
  • Supply Chain Operative
  • Power Engineer
  • Armoured Communications Troop Commander

Our Location

1 Signal Regiment are located in Stafford with two other Signal Regiments: 16 and 22. 

This is the largest concentration of Royal Signals soldiers in one location and ensures a close knit professional community.  The camp has good transport links to London and the rest of the UK.


The Regiment can trace its origins back to 1937 as part of the UK’s 1st Armoured Division.  After extensive action during WWII the Regiment was initially based in Verden, Niedersaxon, Germany before settling in Herford, Nord Rhine Westphalia, Germany.  On formally separating from the Divisional Headquarters in its close support role in 2016, the Regiment was given permission to continue to use the Rhino as its Regimental insignia which it still wears with pride today. 


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