The Brigade of Gurkhas

We support the British Army worldwide across a range of skills.

The history of the service of the Brigade of Gurkhas to the British Crown goes back as far as 1815. Since then the Brigade has conducted itself with distinction during numerous conflicts worldwide. Prior to 1997 the Brigade's focus was in the Far East but following the handover of Hong Kong it moved to the UK which is now its base.



  • Training Support Company (Warminster)
  • Gurkha Company (Sittang) at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst
  • Gurkha Wing (Mandalay) at the Infantry Battle School
  • Gurkha Company Catterick at the Infantry Training Centre Catterick
  • Brigade Training team
  • Brigade Culture and Language Team

Brigade Association


Brigade Secretary
Headquarters Brigade of Gurkhas
Robertson House
GU15 4PQ

Telephone: 01276 412737
Fax: 01276 412694

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Gurkha recruitment

The British Gurkha Camp in Pokhara is the focal point for all recruiting activities in Nepal. A very large number of interested individuals causes considerable competition for the relatively few places. The standards looked for are extremely high and the process is very demanding.

Selection of only the very best candidates and insistence on the highest standards is a direct reflection of the challenging circumstances in which British soldiers may find themselves. Final selection is determined by a number of physical and mental assessments, which demonstrate the potential of an individual to be trained as a soldier in the Brigade of Gurkhas.

Recruit Registration

History of the Brigade of Gurkhas

Gurkhas have served the British Crown for over 200 years. It is a rich heritage marked by excellence and sacrifice. The history of the Brigade from its inception during the early wars between the Honorable East India Company and city-state of Gorkha, through the early Afghan wars, the two World Wars, the almost continuous post-war conflicts to modern day Afghanistan are set out in the pages which can be found by navigating the top bar under history.

  1. 1814

    War declared on Nepal

  2. 1816

    Peace Treaty (Sigauli). Gurkhas recruited into the East India Company

  3. 1857

    Proof of loyalty in the Indian Mutiny

  4. WW1 and WW2

    Between both World Wars over 238,000 Gurkhas enlisted into the Brigade

  5. 1947

    Partition of India, Nepalese recruited into the British Army

  6. Recent times

    Malayan Emergency and Borneo, Hong Kong, Falklands and 24 Tours of Afghanistan

The Brigade of Gurkhas

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The Headquarters Brigade of Gurkhas is located at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst.