Welcome to the Recruitment Website for Gurkha Selection into the British Army and The Gurkha Contingent of the Singapore Police Force. Our Selection is Free, Fair and Transparent.
On this website we have tried to give you as much information as possible to help you prepare for selection.
This year we will be selecting the best 196 Potential Recruits to join Britain’s Brigade of Gurkhas and the 140 best for the Gurkha Contingent of the Singapore Police Force.

ब्रिटिश सेना र सिंगापुर पुलिसको गोर्खा भर्ति छनोट सम्बधित वेबसाइटमा यहाँहरुलाई स्वागत छ | हाम्रो छनोट प्रक्रिया सधै निशुल्क, निष्पक्ष र पारदर्शी छ |
यो वेबसाइटमा तपाईलाई छनोट तयारीका लागि चाहिने सकेसम्म जानकारी राख्ने कोसिस गरेका छौ |
यो वर्ष हामीले उत्कृस्ट १९६ जना जवानहरु ब्रिगेड अफ गॊर्खज मा अनि उत्कृस्ट १४० जना  जवानहरु गोर्खा कन्टिन्जेन्ट सिंगापुर पुलिस को लागि छनोट गरिने छ।

Phase I (Registration) Call Forward list for RI23 has been published and is live now on the following link. Click on the link to the Army Careers and Information Office link that applies to you for details of what date and location to attend and register in person.

ACIO Dharan
ACIO Pokhara
ACIO Surkhet



Please click on Phase I -Registration, Phase II - Initial Selection and Phase III - Final Selection links below to find out more about each stage of Gurkha Selection.
Urgent notices and instruction will be placed on this page so please check it regularly.
If you have any feedback, questions or would like to report any corrupt activity, please email us on: [email protected]

कृपया गोर्खा भर्तिका हरेक चरणहरुका बारेमा अधिक जानकारी पाउन अनलाइन दर्ता, पहिलो चरण छनोट (दर्ता), दोस्रो चरण छनोट (सुरू को छनोट) र तेस्रो चरण छनोट (अन्तिम)का लिङ्कहरुमा क्लिक गर्नुहोस् |आकस्मिक सूचनाहरु र निर्देशनहरु डाउनलोड पृष्ठमा राखिने छन् त्यसैले कृपया नियेमित रुपमा चेक गर्नुहोला |
तपाईहरुका कुनै प्रतिक्रिया, प्रश्नहरु या भ्रष्टचारका उजुरी भए, कृपया तल उल्लेखित ई-मेल ठेगानामा पत्रचार गर्नुहोस् |
[email protected]



Potential recruits attending Phase I - Registration, Phase II - Initial Selection and Phase III - Final selection should note the following for the Medical:

  • If you had any Surgery, 3 years should have elapsed since the surgery, please bring any medical documentation to help the medics decide on your suitability.
  • Do no strenuous activity 3 days before Phase II - Initial Selection or you may fail the medical urine test.
  • Do not take high levels of sugar 3 days prior to Phase III - Final Selection or you may fail the medical urine test.
  • Do not expose your ears to loud noises (eg. Loud music, Heavy machinery) 3 days prior to Phase II - Initial Selection and Phase III - Final Selection or it may affect your ear examination.
  • Do not put things in your ears as you could temporarily damage them and fail the ear examination.