Army Medical Services

16 Medical Regiment

Medical Support

16 Medical Regiment provides dedicated medical support to 16 Air Assault Brigade and will be called upon to support the complete spectrum of air assault operations.

Most recently Unit personnel have deployed to the Falkland Islands to support the fight against Coronavirus. 

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Our Regiment

Two regular Air Assault Medical Surgical Groups, each of which can provide Role 2 medical support and resuscitative surgery.

In addition to the regular squadrons, an Army Reserve squadron is permanently part of the Regiment, and is based on London, Cardiff, Glasgow and Nottingham.

The Army Reserve squadron is fully integrated within the Regiment and members deploy regularly on operations and exercises in support of the Brigade.

The majority of the professionals and skills of the Army Medical Services can be found within the Regiment. Clinical specialists, such as surgeons and anesthetists have the opportunity to divide their work between the Regiment and the Second Care Agency.


144 Parachute Medical Squadron

144 Parachute Medical Squadron is part of 16 Medical Regiment and is the only Reserve Medical Unit with a parachute capability. We provide vital medical and secondary healthcare support to both soldiers and civilians all over the world.

Our qualified medical professionals are trained in both military and medical skills to provide vital medical support to Airborne forces.

As well as trained medical, dental and healthcare professionals, we also have a number of support roles such as chefs, technicians and drivers.

We currently have Detachments in London, Cardiff, Nottingham and Glasgow. 

Exercise Pegasus Serpent