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The Armed Forces and families are able to live in high quality subsidised accommodation both in UK and overseas, either at or close to their place of work. This recognises the fact that personnel move frequently, often to remote parts of the country. The majority of Army personnel and families live in this type of housing.

Tri Service Accommodation Regulations (TSARs) JSP 464 is the policy document for the provision of Defence living accommodation.

Single Living Accommodation (SLA) and Substitute Single Service Accommodation (SSSA)

SLA is provided to single and unaccompanied personnel and is generally within barracks at duty stations.

It is normally provided by means of a Mess or accommodation block and other than for those in training will normally be a single room with some communal facilities.

Where a soldier is posted to a location that has no or insufficient SLA, an application for SSSA is submitted and a suitable property is sourced from the local housing market either on a shared or sole occupancy basis depending on eligibility criteria.

Service Family Accommodation (SFA) and Substitute Service Family Accommodation (SSFA)

SFA is provided to entitled and eligible Service personnel and their families.

SFA is allocated within a reasonable distance from duty station, usually within a 10-mile radius.

The size of SFA is determined by rank or size of family.

Where SFA is not available, a private rental (SSFA) will be sourced, in line with the location and standards of SFA.

Future Accommodation Model

The Future Accommodation Model, known as FAM, is a key part of the MOD’s commitment to ensuring a career in the Armed Forces offers a better work-life balance.

This new approach to accommodation gives more Service personnel greater choice and flexibility, including the option to live in rented properties, or buy a home with funding from the MOD.

It is currently the subject of a three-year pilot across all three Services, with the Army pilot commencing in Aldershot in January 2020.

Joint Service Housing Office

The Joint Service Housing Office (JSHAO) is the MOD’s Tri-Service focal point providing Service Personnel and their dependants with civilian housing information. It is for those wishing to move into civilian accommodation at any time in their career, and for those during resettlement to assist with transition to civilian life.

This through-career information will mean that, regardless of the point at which you decide to make the transition from service to civilian accommodation, individuals will have the background knowledge that will allow you to make informed decisions and choices for the future.