The Royal Corps of Signals

30 Signal Regiment

The Globetrotters

Due to the rapidly deployable nature of 30 Signal Regiment, its personnel are held at very high notice to move and can be utilised around the world in a matter of days.  The Regiment primarily supports the Standing Joint Force Headquarters Group operating within the Coalition and NATO.

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Rapid Overseas Deployment


Since its formation the Regiment has been highly deployable around the world, earning the nickname ‘The Globetrotters’.  The White Swan is the crest of the Regiment and comes from a long association with The Worshipful Company of Dyers dating back to 1960. 

The Regiment has always maintained strong relationships with local communities and has been granted the freedom of entry for Blandford, Nuneaton and Bedworth and the Island of Alderney. 

Queens Ghurkha Signals

The Commanding Officer of 30th Signal Regiment is also the Commander Queens Ghurkha Signals (QGS), their Regimental Headquarters is co-located with 30th Signal Regiment.

The Queens Ghurkha Signals have operational Squadrons in a numbers of R Signals Regiments.  Young officers posted to serve with the QGS will have the opportunity to undertake language training in Nepal and be part of a rich history.


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