Royal Corps of Signals

3 (UK) Division Signal Regiment

3 (UK) Division Signal Regiment

Based in Bulford, Wiltshire, the Regiment commands, trains and delivers Signallers providing Information Communications Support (ICS) to the UK's Warfighting Division Headquarters. In constant readiness to deploy anywhere in the world, the Regiment is critical in ensuring secure and reliable communications at the forefront of British Army Operations. 

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The Regiment is aligned to the British Army’s only Warfighting Division, 3 (United Kingdom) Division.  It has been located in Bulford, Wiltshire since 1990 following the end of the Cold War.

The Barracks are located close to a large Kiwi monument, built by NZ soldiers in WW1.  Personnel from 3 (UK) Division Signal Regiment maintain the monument.  This Kiwi was adopted as the Regiment’s insignia.

The Regiment’s operational history is rich, it participated in the D Day landings in 1944 assaulting SWORD beach as part of the 3rd Infantry Divisions advance.  Signallers attached to G section 33rd Field Regiment Royal Artillery were some of the first allied soldiers to enter Caen during the liberation of France.  Today the Regiment returns to France annually to commemorate the event.  


Kiwi Trophy

Annually, the Regiment hosts the Kiwi Trophy March and Shoot competition.  The event is a 14 mile best effort loaded march over Salisbury Plain Training Area, culminating in a 200 metre shoot and then the final push up Kiwi Hill to the finish line.

The event has been running for over thirty years and continues to exercise the best qualities from all the members of the Regiment, past and present.


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