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22 Signal Regiment


22 Signal Regiment

22 Signal Regiment sits within 1 Signal Brigade and delivers Information Communication Services (ICS) at various readiness states, to support NATO’s Allied Rapid Reaction Corps (ARRC), and other deployed ARRC Group force elements. The Regiment provides ARRC’s Main, Rear, Forward, and Tactical Command Posts (CP), in addition to highly deployable Corps Reconnaissance Team (CRT) capabilities.

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217 Signal Squadron

217 Signal Squadron is responsible for delivering a small Tactical CP of approximately 25 staff generated to enable COMARRC to exercise command of operations, deploying independently or integrated into the Forward CP. Supporting this the Squadron provides several wide area network nodes that ensure the Tactical CP is integrated into the wider operational communications network.

The Squadron also supports the CRTs, held at very high readiness, ready to deploy globally to provide the secure secret communications.  By 2024 217 Signal Squadron will transition to 242 Gurkha Signal Squadron but will retain its current mission.

222 Signal Squadron

222 Signal Squadron’s mission is to provide the Main Command Post for ARRC and it supports all the large overseas NATO exercises.

The Squadron is responsible for the delivery of ICS support to over 400 multinational staff, enabling critical command and control at the highest level for NATO's Allied Rapid Reaction Corps. It is the largest CP that the British Army deploys.

248 Gurkha Signal Squadron

248 Gurkha Signal Squadron are responsible for ensuring the delivery the ICS capability for HQ ARRC’s Forward and Rear CPs. The Forward CP is the first command and control capability in theatre and consists of a flexible suite of capabilities. Generically the Forward CP has approximately 90 staff.

The Rear CP enables rear operations, and, when required, can act as a temporary alternate HQ for the Forward CP. Its primary output is the control of rear operations. It consists of approximately 120 staff users, however its structure is designed to be scalable based on operational requirements

252 Signal Squadron

252 Signal Squadron provide direct close support in the delivery of ARRC ICS for its permanent HQ in Gloucestershire.

Additionally, the Squadron provides a Falcon Anchor Point responsible for service management and strategic reach back communications for HQ ARRC and wider defence.


22 Signal Regiment and three of its squadrons (217, 222, and 248 Signal Squadron) are located at Beacon Barracks, in Stafford. MOD Stafford also has another Signals unit, a detached Signal Squadron from 15 Signal Regiment and the RAF’s Tactical Supply Wing.

252 Signal Squadron are based with ARRC HQ at Imjin Barracks, Innsworth, Gloucestershire.


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