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16 Signal Regiment


16 Signal Regiment

Based in Stafford, 16 Signal Regiment’s role is to deliver forces at readiness to enable combat communications support to 101 Logistics Brigade and 104 Logistic Support Brigade.

‘Aut Inveniam Viam Aut Faciam’ – Find A Way, Or Make One

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Our Skills

16 Signal Regiment is a multi-role unit, with expertise across a wide range of communication capabilities. This ranges from equipment at the tactical low-level, such as Bowman, to high level technically advanced equipment.

Our People

16 Signal Regiment’s most important asset is its people.

The Regiment comprises two British and one Gurkha (Queen’s Gurkha Signals) squadron. It is proud to be a skilful, diverse and professional body of service personnel.

The Regiment is based in Stafford, with great transport links to the North and South of the UK.

Our Location

Located in Stafford, Beacon Barracks boasts modern facilities that include a 25m and clay target range, up to date gyms, numerous sports pitches and a central Hub for shopping and eating.

Beacon Barracks is also home to 1 Signal Regiment, 15 Signal Regiment, 22 Signal Regiment and the RAF Tactical Supply Wing, making it a key military site in the Midlands.



16 Signal Regiment is highly deployable – this means that the Regiment and its Squadrons often deploy on exercise or operations. On top of their military duties, officers and soldiers enjoy sports and Adventurous Training in the UK and abroad.

Day to day, soldiers work to maintain a high level of technical and military training. The communications equipment is proudly maintained to a high standard, so that it is always ready to be used in support of Defence.

There is always something to do in the modern Beacon Barracks camp. In the evenings there is a state-of-the-art gym, astro-turf playing fields and various activities such as an on-site car club.



Tracing its roots back to the Second World War, 16 Signal Regiment was formed in Germany where it was responsible for providing lines of communication between Germany and the English Channel.  During its time in Germany it developed strong relationships with the local community, resulting in being awarded the Freedom of Krefeld in 1972 and being presented the Stadt Fahnenband in 1992.

Today 16 Signal Regiment comprises three squadrons: 230 (Malaya) Signal Squadron, 247 Gurkha Signal Squadron and the Support Squadron.


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