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Who we are

British Army Band Colchester is comprised of musicians from The Royal Corps of Army Music and is one of 14 Regular Army Bands in the British Army. Based in Colchester, the band incorporates The Band of The Parachute Regiment, The Band of the Army Air Corps and The Band of The Queen’s Division.

The band's main roles involve delivering musical support to the Army and the wider Defence community. The band undertakes a busy schedule of performances, including a full range of military and civilian engagements, both at home and abroad.

With its diverse range of capabilities, the band has quickly developed a reputation for excellence. From a full symphonic wind band and marching band, to smaller groups such as brass quintets and jazz ensembles that have supported a variety of prestigious events.

Recent Years

British Army Band Colchester has performed for various major military events, such as the 75th Anniversaries of Operations OVERLORD and MARKET GARDEN, the International Military Pilgrimage to Lourdes and RAF 100 celebrations. Alongside its support for the Armed Forces, the band has also performed at a broad range of events for other government departments and civilian organisations, including shows in London's West End (Dominion Theatre and the Hippodrome) and parades for the MOD, Metropolitan and Surrey police.

In addition, band members have also served in Switzerland, Cyprus, India, Canada, Jordan and Oman in support of Defence Engagement outputs and many have deployed as part of Short-Term Training Teams to Algeria, Ethiopia, Bangladesh and Saudi Arabia.

Want to join us?

The Royal Corps of Army Music can offer full time employment as a musician within the British Army. A pensionable career potentially to the age of 60. Fantastic travel opportunities with the chance to perform at great venues and events around the world.

The Royal Corps of Army Music is interested in your performance and potential rather than just music qualifications. 

Not all musicians have recognised musical qualifications so you may be able to join us based on merit at audition. If you have the required skills or can demonstrate you have the potential we are looking for, we can help maximise your musical development. Interested? Please get in touch here.


After learning about the wonderful opportunities and benefits this career has to offer, I applied to join The Royal Corps of Army Music. Musn Chau

Musician Chau - Clarinet

Musician (Musn) Woody Chau plays clarinet and saxophone in British Army Band Colchester and has been a member of The Royal Corps of Army Music for 3 years. He was born and raised in Hong Kong and has lived in the UK for 8 years.

While studying psychology at the University of York, Musn Chau also conducted the University Concert Band and Wind Orchestra. He says, “this strongly developed my passion for music, as well as my management, leadership and commitment skills.” When asked why he pursued a career in music, he said, “the transformative ability of music to those learning, performing and listening to it is so empowering.”

Musn Chau was introduced to British Army Music at the Sherborne Summer School of Music where a group of military musicians spoke about their careers. After graduating, he was invited to perform with an Army band to gain an insight into a career in British Army Music. “After learning about the wonderful opportunities and benefits this career has to offer, I applied to join The Royal Corps of Army Music”.

The engagements that Musn Chau enjoys the most are those that involve school workshops because he is passionate about inspiring the next generation of musicians and making a difference. He also likes taking part in significant events such as Remembrance parades and Armed Forces Day because he feels “proud to pay tribute to those who gave their tomorrow for our today through music”.

Highlights of his career include performing at the Pegasus Bridge Memorial in Normandy for the 75th anniversary of the D-Day landings; accompanying paratroopers re-enacting their jumps in Arnhem and performing in York, his home from home, for the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Kohima.

He always performs from his heart to give his best and to communicate with listeners through music, “the universal language that has no boundaries".

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British Army Music is recruiting right now. For more information about joining the British Army as a musician, get in touch with the Corps Engagement Team.

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