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The Royal Yeomanry

Fit, adaptable and self-reliant

The Royal Yeomanry is the senior light cavalry regiment in the British Army Reserve. Mounted in light armoured vehicles, it is a fast and highly mobile reconnaissance force with substantial firepower.




1 April 1967



Light cavalry



Reconnaissance and Influence

our skills

Soldiers in the Royal Yeomanry operate in small teams, both on foot and behind the wheel of light armoured vehicles like the Land Rover RWMIK. As a Light Cavalry regiment, their role requires stealth, fitness, self-reliance and serious motivation.

We also have roles for medics, chefs and clerks who are vital part of the team.

  • Mounted and dismounted reconnaissance operations
  • Driving a range of high-performance cross-country vehicles
  • Using a range of weapon systems
  • Operating advanced communications equipment
  • Reading and understanding environments
  • Opportunity to learn and use foreign languages to engage with local populations

Serving alongside the regular army

The Royal Yeomanry trains and deploys soldiers alongside the regular army around the world.

Past Deployments:

OP CABRIT (Poland)


OP TURUS (Nigeria)

OP HERRICK (Afghanistan)


and on exercise in Kenya, California and Cyprus.

Our People

The Royal Yeomanry recruits from Fulham, Croydon, Windsor, Leicester, Nottingham, Telford and Dudley. Soldiers in the RY come from all walks of life and usually join the squadron closest to them. All are united by the desire to serve their country.

171016-Columbus_RY Lt Nick Higton_Section 2-3_Photo_Image1.jpg
Lieutenant Nick Higton - Troop Leader

Midlands and London

The Royal Yeomanry’s regimental headquarters is based in London. It has squadrons in Fulham, Croydon, Leicester, Nottingham, Telford and Dudley.

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The Royal Yeomanry

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Our Role

As a reconnaissance regiment, the Royal Yeomanry operates in front of other friendly forces to gather intelligence on the enemy and the local environment, often at night and in poor weather conditions.

They use light armoured vehicles fitted with high-tech weaponry and the latest battlefield communications systems, along with surveillance optics to help them see at night – although they’re equally at home on foot.

Royal Yeomanry soldiers train and serve alongside their Regular Army counterparts, 1st The Queen’s Dragoon Guards. Together, they have been deployed on operations all over the world.

Past to present

The Royal Yeomanry was formed in 1967 from a number of historic yeomanry regiments. Since then, men and women from the regiment have served both in the UK and alongside the Regular Army in operational theatres across the world.

  1. 1967

    The Royal Yeomanry is formed

  2. 1996

    The RY becomes the Army’s first Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Warfare regiment

  3. 2003

    The RY following mobilisation for Op Telic becomes the only Reserve unit to be awarded the 'Iraq 2003' battle honour

  4. 2003-15

    The regiment mobilises around 400 soldiers to serve in Iraq and Afghanistan

  5. 2012

    The regiment is converted to a light cavalry role

  6. 2015-18

    The Royal Yeomanry become part of 7th Infantry Brigade (the Desert Rats), pairs with the Queen’s Dragoon Guards and deploys 14 soldiers with them to serve on operations in Poland.

Our Locations

  • A (Sherwood Rangers Yeomanry) Squadron

    Address: The Drill Hall, Cavendish Drive, Carlton, Nottingham, NG4 3DX Email: [email protected] Contact: 0115 961 8722

  • B (Staffordshire, Warwickshire and Worcestershire) Squadron

    Address: Alamein House, Vicar Street, Dudley, West Midlands, DY2 8RH Email: [email protected] Contact: 01384 230166

  • C (Kent and Sharpshooters Yeomanry) Squadron

    Address: Sharpshooter House, Mitcham Road, Croydon, CR0 3RU Contact: 0208 6882138 Email: [email protected]

  • D (Shropshire Yeomanry) Squadron

    Address: Army Reserve Centre, Cavan Drive, Dawley Bank Telford TF4 2BQ Email: [email protected] Contact: 01952 632952

  • E (Leicestershire and Derbyshire Yeomanry) Squadron

    Address: Army Reserve Centre, Tigers Road, South Wigston, Leicester, LE18 4WS Email: [email protected] Contact: 0116 2759559

  • F (Westminster Dragoons) Squadron

    F (Westminster Dragoons) Squadron, Fulham House, London SW6 3JS. Email: [email protected] Contact: 020 7384 4238

  • Cardiff Troop, D Squadron

    Address: Llandaff ARC Gabalfa Avenue Cardiff CF14 2HX Email: [email protected]

Life in the Royal Yeomanry

List of equipment used

Jackal 2

Rapid Jackal 2 is a high mobility weapons platform, with a unique air-bag suspension system allowing rapid movement across varying terrain

Reconnaissance vehicles

RWMIK Land Rover

800km The RWMIK has the capacity to support itself and its crew over 800km.

Protected patrol vehicles

General Purpose Machine Gun

GPMG The general purpose machine gun (GPMG) can be used as a light weapon and in a sustained fire role.

Small arms and support weapons

Grenade Machine Gun

Mounted The GMG is usually mounted on WMIK Land Rovers but can also be used from ground-based tripods.

Small arms and support weapons

Heavy Machine Gun

12.7mm The powerful L1A1 12.7mm (.50) Heavy Machine Gun (HMG) is an updated version of the Browning M2 Fifty-cal.

Small arms and support weapons

SA80 Individual Weapon

Tests On its introduction, it proved so accurate that the Army marksmanship tests had to be redesigned.

Small arms and support weapons

Contact details

Please feel free to contact us. We are keen to hear from individuals who have the skills to work with us.

Where we are

The Royal Yeomanry’s regimental headquarters is based in Leicester. It has squadrons in Fulham, Croydon, Leicester, Nottingham, Telford, Dudley and Cardiff