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The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards

Scotland’s cavalry: a formidable fighting force

The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards is a light cavalry regiment famous for its iconic victory at the Battle of Waterloo. The regiment combines an illustrious history spanning more than 300 years with expertise in the latest battlefield reconnaissance technology.




2 July 1971



Light Cavalry




our skills

Soldiers in the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards are masters of reconnaissance. They include personnel with diverse skills, from snipers and machine gunners to guided missile operators, all of whom navigate across any terrain in the Jackal 2 armoured vehicle.

  • Driving a Jackal 2 armoured vehicle
  • Firing heavy and grenade machine guns
  • Communication with radios
  • Gathering and passing on intelligence
  • Commanding from the front
  • Making judgement calls in tough situations


Past Deployments:

  • Operation CABRIT (Enhanced Forward Presence (EFP) in the Baltic States)
  • Operation TOSCA (Cyprus)
  • Operation TELIC (Iraq)
  • Operation HERRICK (Afghanistan)

Our People

Royal Scots Dragoons need to be smart, fit and motivated – and despite its name, the regiment recruits from across the UK. As well as excellent soldiers, the SCOTS DG counts professional rugby players and an award-winning pipe band among its ranks.

171016-Columbus_SCOTS DG_LCpl Rokoduguni.jpg
Lance Corporal Rokoduguni - Bath Rugby player and soldier
171016-Columbus_SCOTS DG_Tpr Park.jpg
Trooper Park - soldier and piper in the Pipes and Drums
171016-Columbus_SCOTS DG_Tpr Byham.jpg
LCpl Byham - dismount and Jackal gunner

Leuchars Station

The serving regiment is currently based in Leuchars in Fife, Scotland. The regiment’s home headquarters are in an historic Edinburgh Castle, which also contains a museum dedicated to its history.

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The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards

My role is challenging but exhilarating Daniel, 22

Our Role

The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards is a light cavalry regiment that specialises in reconnaissance. It uses light vehicles such as the Jackal 2 and the Coyote tactical support vehicle to operate in front of their comrades, monitoring enemy forces and sending information back to commanders.

Soldiers in the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards also use a formidable arsenal of weapons, including machine guns, mortars, sniper rifles and anti-tank missiles, to immobilise and destroy enemy forces.

Off the battlefield, the regiment takes part in ceremonial duties, including a prominent role in the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo.

Past to Present

The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards is made up of several historical regiments who, between them, have earned a total of 88 battle honours, 50 of which are borne on the regimental standard. The eagle on the regiment’s cap badge dates from the Battle of Waterloo, when the Royal Scots Greys captured the French Imperial Eagle.

  1. 1678

    The Royal Scots Greys (so-called for their grey horses) are formed in Scotland

  2. 1685

    The Carabiniers are raised to supress the Duke of Monmouth’s rebellion

  3. 1815

    The Royal Scots Greys capture the Eagle of the 45th Regiment at the battle of Waterloo

  4. 1854

    The Royal Scots Guards take part in the charge of the Heavy Brigade at Balaclava

  5. 1944

    All of the officers in 3rd Carabiniers’ B Squadron are killed at Nunshigum

  6. 1971

    The Royal Scots Greys and the 3rd Carabiniers merge to form the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards

Our Locations

  • Royal Scots Dragoon Guards

    Home Headquarters

  • Royal Scots Dragoon Guards

    The Regiment is based at Leuchars Station in Fife.

List of equipment used

Jackal 2

Rapid Jackal 2 is a high mobility weapons platform, with a unique air-bag suspension system allowing rapid movement across varying terrain

Reconnaissance vehicles

Coyote TSV

6x6 Extra two wheels gives a heavier vehicle, which can act in support of the Jackal 2 to transport supplies and equipment over similar terrain

Reconnaissance vehicles

Heavy Machine Gun

12.7mm The powerful L1A1 12.7mm (.50) Heavy Machine Gun (HMG) is an updated version of the Browning M2 Fifty-cal.

Small arms and support weapons

Grenade Machine Gun

Mounted The GMG is usually mounted on WMIK Land Rovers but can also be used from ground-based tripods.

Small arms and support weapons

L115A3 Long Range 'Sniper' Rifle

600 metres They are designed to achieve a first-round hit at 600 metres and harassing fire out to 1,100 metres.

Small arms and support weapons

Guided Weapons

Anti-tank weapons The Javelin anti-tank weapon and the Next-generation light anti-tank weapon.

Small arms and support weapons

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