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The Queen's Own Yeomanry

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The Queen’s Own Yeomanry is a light cavalry regiment in the Army Reserve. As a light armoured reconnaissance unit, its role involves operating in front of other friendly forces to gather intelligence on the enemy and the environment.




1 April 1971



Light Cavalry




our skills

Soldiers in the Queen’s Own Yeomanry are intelligent, inquisitive and analytical. Their role requires knowledge of a wide range of equipment, from light armoured vehicles to Browning heavy machine guns and digital battlefield communications systems.

  • Driving armoured vehicles
  • Reconnaissance
  • Gathering intelligence
  • Covert patrols
  • Manning observation posts
  • Radio communications

Army Reserve

The Queen’s Own Yeomanry trains and serves alongside The Light Dragoons on operations across the world.

Past Deployments:

  • Operation CABRIT (Estonia)
  • Operation Herrick (Afghanistan)
  • Operation Telic (Iraq)

Our People

At any time, Queen’s Own Yeomanry Reservists could be asked to leave civilian life behind and join their Regular comrades on deployments across the world. They are drawn from many walks of life, but one thing they all have in common is dedication to the regiment.

Fenham Barracks

Fenham Barracks

The Queen’s Own Yeomanry is based Fenham Barracks in Newcastle, and has squadrons in York, Wigan and Chester.

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The Queen's Own Yeomanry

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Our Role

Queen’s Own Yeomanry Reservists are highly trained cavalry soldiers who operate well ahead of other forces, monitoring enemy troops and feeding intelligence back to commanders.

The tools of their trade include high-tech weaponry, thermal imaging equipment, and the latest digital battlefield communications systems. They get around using light armoured vehicles, but they’re equally at home on foot.

As a Reserve regiment, The Queen’s Own Yeomanry trains and serves alongside its Regular Army counterparts, The Light Dragoons.

Past to Present

The Queen’s Own Yeomanry was created on 1 April 1971, when five yeomanry units from across the Midlands, the North of England and South West Scotland came together to form the 2nd Armoured Car Regiment. Soldiers from the regiment have served in Afghanistan and Iraq.

  1. 1971

    The regiment is formed as 2nd Armoured Tank Regiment

  2. 1971

    The regiment is renamed The Queen’s Own Yeomanry

  3. 2002

    Queen’s Own Yeomanry soldiers are mobilised for Operation Herrick in Afghanistan

  4. 2003

    Troops from The Queen’s Own Yeomanry are mobilised for Operation Telic in Iraq

  5. 2007

    The regiment is presented with a new guidon by Her Majesty The Queen

Our Locations

  • D Squadron and RHQ

    Address: Fenham Barracks, Barrack Road, Newcastle upon Tyne NE2 4NP Contact: 07971 890713 email: [email protected]

  • A Squadron

    Address: Yeomanry Barracks, Fulford Road, York YO10 4ES Contact: 01904 668080

  • B Squadron

    Address: Army Reserve Centre, Kearsley House, Canal Street, Wigan WN6 7NQ Contact: 01942 248882

  • C Squadron

    Address: Army Reserve Centre, Fox Barracks, Liverpool Road, Chester CH2 4BU Contact: 01244 381050

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