Army Parachute Display Teams

About the Teams

The team members are all professional soldiers and officers, most with experience of operational deployments around the world. In their capacity as members of the Army Parachute Display Teams they represent the British Army overseas and across the United Kingdom with thrilling displays conducted in front of crowds of thousands and broadcast on the television and the internet. 

The four teams deliver world-class parachute display capabilities including jumping at night, onto water, with smoke and with flags. If you are interested in booking any of the teams for display events or for tandem jumps then please speak to the Parachute Display Tasking Authority on the contact details below.


The Red Devils

The Red Devils Army Parachute Display Team was established in 1964 and has been the official British Army Parachute Display Team since 1979.

The Red Devils can display jump at night or day, onto water, land and into stadia. They are capable of formation jumping at a range of heights, with a range of flags from 200 sq ft to 5000 sq ft.

They are comprised of 1 + 14 members of the Parachute Regiment who are effectively tasked on a full-time basis. They have an international media profile and regularly take part in popular public events, such as the Epsom Derby.

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The Tigers (PWRR)

The Tigers Freefall Army Parachute Display Team (PWRR) was established in 1986 and is comprised of 9 members of the Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment. They are capable of display jumping during the daytime or night onto water or land and into stadia. The Tigers carry out a range of displays from various heights with a number of different routines, with flags as big as 2000 sq ft and with smoke.

The Tigers have carried out high-profile displays throughout Europe including delivering the independence speech to the Georgian parliament in 2016 to celebrate its independence from the former Soviet Union, opening the Danish national skydiving championships and opening the world military skydiving championships in 2017.

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The Silver Stars (RLC)

The Royal Logistic Corps Silver Stars Army Parachute Display Team dates back to September 1963 and was the first army parachute display team to be established.

It currently comprises approximately 25 regular and reserve personnel. They conduct displays at low and medium altitudes, to include stack formations.

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The Lightning Bolts (REME)

The Lightning Bolts Army Parachute Display Team REME is comprised of 20-25 members.

They conduct medium to small sized events and represent a range of cap badges and employment types in the Army. 

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If you would like to make a booking, please get in touch with the Parachute Display Tasking Authority.

Parachute Display Tasking Authority

The four Army Parachute Display Teams are the only teams which are authorised to conduct parachute displays in connection with the British Army. All other parachute display teams are prohibited from advertising any connection, express or implied, with the British Army.