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Transition to civilian life

Transition to Civilian Life

Our aim is to ensure that service leavers are given all the relevant information needed to make an informed choice allowing a smooth transition into civilian life.

Transition: An explanation

Transition includes the support, advice and education that will increase personal knowledge and awareness and supports soldiers' personal development and long-term planning. It is mandated through the MoD's Veterans' Strategy and directed in Army Command Standing Order 3221. Transition should be undertaken throughout your military career in order to enhance your professional portfolio and career prospects as well as prepare you for your inevitable transition to civilian live. 

Need more support?

With the right commitment, planning and preparation Transition to civilian life is achieved successfully in the majority of cases. However, there may be individuals who need additional support above and beyond the transition information mentioned here.

In these instances it is important that Service Personnel identify any challenges or issues that they might have to their chain of command at the earliest opportunity. If these cannot be managed in during the time remaining in Service individuals can be sign-posted to the appropriate support services or referred to Veterans UK (Veterans Welfare Service) which is the MOD organization responsible for Veterans’ well-being.