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In this month’s magazine, recruits push their boundaries in Wales, and tackling loneliness among troops

Arnhem, 75 Years On: Ex-Sapper recalls plucky prison break
Protein Power: Army chef shares his go-to recipes
Cutting a Lonely Figure: What to do if you’re feeling isolated

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About us

With international distribution to every base, barracks and theatre of operations, we are the official magazine of the British Army. 

As the Army’s primary means of internal communication outside the chain of command, our publication includes a wide selection of not-to-be-missed news, features, sports, reviews and letters.

If you have a story you would like us to cover, whether you are serving or not, please contact our team.

The magazine is staffed by professional journalists, photographers and designers under MoD employment and therefore, unlike other forms of media engagement, Service personnel do not necessarily need to seek approval before getting in touch with us.