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Duchess of Edinburgh visits British Army reservists on exercise in Germany

Sophie, The Duchess of Edinburgh, has visited British Army Reservists during a major Army exercise in northern Germany.

As Royal Colonel of the Queen's Own Yeomanry (QOY), Her Royal Highness marked her first visit to the Regiment in the field by observing operational capabilities on Exercise Rhino Heart in Sennelager.

Speaking to the troops, the Duchess remarked: "The fact that you’ve been given the opportunity to prove that we’ve got an extremely capable and reliable reserve force is very exciting.

"From what I’ve seen, the atmosphere is really positive and upbeat, and everyone is getting a huge amount out of it. I wish you all the best for a successful exercise."

The Duchess of Edinburgh's visit to the Queen's Own Yeomanry in Germany highlighted the Regiment’s collaboration with NATO allies. During her visit, she interacted with US National Guard reservists alongside the QOY, emphasising the robust international partnerships and camaraderie within NATO reserve forces.

Based at Fenham Barracks in Newcastle, the QOY is a light cavalry regiment within the Army Reserve, with squadrons located in York, Wigan, and Chester. Renowned for their expertise in gathering vital intelligence on enemy positions and environmental conditions, the QOY plays a crucial role within 19th Light Brigade, the Army's only fully-reservist brigade.

Exercise Rhino Heart represents the largest deployment of British Army Reserves since the Cold War. The exercise involves over 650 personnel, including troops from the US National Guard and German Bundeswehr, and showcases the UK's mobilisation capability. It aims to strengthen alliances and reinforce NATO's deterrence posture through the active engagement of reserve units.

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