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100 Percent Traitor, 100 Percent Soldier

The Nation sat on the edge of their seats as the second series of the BBC’s smash TV hit ‘The Traitors’ concluded last night, and it was revealed that Lance Corporal Harry Clark had outwitted the Faithfuls with cunning, charisma and cool calculation to win the coveted cash prize and title of top Traitor.

23 year old Harry, who is based in Wiltshire serving with 47 Regiment Royal Artillery (47 Regt RA), never imagined that joining the Army would give him so many skills and opportunities, some of which he used during his time in the ‘Castle’.

It was Harry’s Grandad Dave who was the driving force behind his decision to join up. Dave had served in the Army and ran the family’s boxing club.

“My Grandad on my Mother’s side was in the Parachute Regiment, he was my idol and I wanted to make him proud. He taught us about the importance of ‘family’, how to respect others and he taught me how to be a gentleman.

“I wanted to do something different, I didn’t know much of the world beyond my home town of Slough, and I wanted to break the mould. I loved the idea of the challenge.” LCpl Harry Clarke

Harry joined the Army Foundation College at Harrogate in Yorkshire at the age of 16 and then went on to train as an aviation technician with the Royal Electrical Mechanical Engineers (REME), stating that one of his proudest moments was when he received his blue aviation beret.

In August last year he received his ‘wings’, which qualifies him to conduct essential maintenance on anything from a helicopter to a tactical unmanned aerial system in the Regiment’s REME workshop.

Harry was surprised at how many opportunities the Army offers, especially when it comes to sports.

Having boxed at the family’s club as a youngster, he quickly established himself in the Army boxing circle and was also called up to play football for the Army’s under 23’s team.

“You can play anything in the Army, from football to boxing at the highest level - even darts! I would also play cricket and rugby if I had the time, but I realised that I needed to stick to just one or two if I wanted to apply the right discipline, mindset and skill.”

Harry credits the Army for teaching him many things like teamwork and how to get the job done, skills he took into the competition which served him well.

He also says it taught him honesty and loyalty - not qualities that immediately spring to mind for such a successful Traitor – as well as strategy, which he has in spades.

In Harry’s words, the Army is the “hammer and chisel” that has shaped him into what he is today and that is 100% soldier.

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