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MOD confirms the death of Private Nabin Thapa

It is with immense sadness we confirm the death of Private (Pte) Nabin Thapa of 6 Regiment The Royal Logistic Corps on 21 September 2023. He died whilst on exercise at the Driffield Training Area in South Yorkshire. He was 35 years old. Our thoughts are with Pte Thapa’s family and friends at this sad time.

Private Nabin Thapa

Private Thapa was a member of 6 Regiment The Royal Logistic Corps (RLC) based in North Yorkshire. Despite having joined the Army relatively recently in March 2019, Pte Thapa had enjoyed a busy time in the RLC and achieved a vast amount. 

After completing basic training at the Army Training Centre, Pirbright he moved to Worthy Down, Winchester to undertake his trade training as a Logistic Specialist (Supply). In August 2020 Pte Thapa was assigned to Dishforth in Yorkshire and quickly became a valued and respected member of the Regiment. He had completed an Operational deployment to Cyprus as part of the United Nations peacekeeping force and deployed in support of the national response to COVID-19. He has also deployed to Kenya

In the past year alone, he was part of a Squadron held at high readiness for operations within the UK and deployed on demanding exercises in the UK and Oman. During both exercises he demonstrated his excellent trade knowledge and work ethic; he was a team player through and through. He had also recently undertaken adventurous training in Spain where he put his characteristic determination and high spirits to good use whilst hill walking in some unusually wet conditions.

Pte Thapa was a quiet and conscientious solider and was always the first to volunteer. No matter the scale of the task, he could be relied upon to be there. A selfless individual, Pte Thapa always looked out for others. In his own time, he undertook charity work in an effort to raise awareness and funds for those less fortunate than himself. A humble and understated individual, his cheerful outlook was infectious.

Also a talented sportsman, Pte Thapa was part of both the Regimental Volleyball and Badminton teams. He was a fiercely determined and focused athlete. He always gave his all and represented the regiment in exemplary fashion. This attitude persisted throughout the rest of his lifestyle.

Pte Thapa became a rock to be relied upon when it came to any sort of tough work and an absolute asset to his Chain of Command.

The Regiment has been devastated to have lost a brilliant soldier in such difficult circumstances. His memory will be honoured in the squadron and wider regiment as a kind and caring individual; he will be sadly missed, but incredibly well remembered.

Lieutenant Colonel Jen Commanding Officer 6 Regiment RLC said:

"Private Nabin Thapa’s devastating death is felt very deeply. Private Thapa achieved an incredible amount since he joined the Army in 2019, including completing an operational deployment with the United Nations in Cyprus. He was an extremely hardworking and dedicated soldier who led by example. Often found using his knowledge to develop more junior soldiers, he was a well-respected and popular member of the Regiment. He will be greatly missed.

“Private Thapa’s family have our deepest condolences and are in the Regiment’s thoughts at this tragic time.”

Major Pearson-Burton Officer Commanding 62 Squadron (Sqn) said:

"Pte Thapa was a wonderful soldier, utterly committed to his profession. In the last year alone, he deployed on several high-level events, including a highly successful deployment to Oman. Nabin threw everything he had into the Army, a keen sportsman he represented 6 Regiment RLC in Badminton and Volleyball, he was fiercely competitive, especially with members of the Squadron on PT, always pushing to get the best out those around him. Selfless and driven, Nabin always looked out for others, absolutely true to character he was part of a charity event that raised a substantial amount of money for those less fortunate back in Nepal for the Gurkha Welfare Trust.

“We are proud to have served alongside this dedicated and inspiring soldier.”

Corporal Limbu 62 Sqn said:

“When I first met Nabin Thapa back in 2020 whilst on my posting at 6 Regiment RLC, he seemed a very calm person with quiet nature. We have been through lots of hard and fast ups and down and many good times together. We used to eat, laugh, sing, play guitar together, which feels like just yesterday. Nabin was not only a soldier but also an artist, on another side he was a very good guitarist as well.

“As a soldier Nabin was one of the most excellent soldiers I have met, full of enthusiasm. He never failed the Army and kept the standards of all the core values of Army in every aspect. He was a down to earth person with a very good heart who never wanted to see people around him in trouble.

“Left too early Bro, Rest in Peace."

Private Thapa 62 Sqn said:

"To me Nabin Thapa was more like a brother than a friend. Always smiling, trying to help others in need, there was no hate in his heart.

“The love and memories we shared is still etched in my heart despite your passing. My dear brother, the moment we shared together will always be remembered. The first day we met was the last day of my Phase Two training in Leconfield but that one moment was enough to build that strong bond we had. I never knew we would meet again in 6 Regiment RLC. I still remember that smile when we met again, hugged each other and we were sharing the same block.

“It was only last year that we all attended his wedding and met his family who treated us as their own, danced and ate together.

“My brother your absence leaves an indescribable void, gone from sight but never from my soul.  I know a thousand prayers won’t bring you back, I know that because I have tried, and neither will a thousand tears. I know because I’ve cried. You will always be remembered, no matter what. Your presence, love and kindness will forever be with me. Gone to soon my brother. Rest in Peace."

Private Ramjali 62 Sqn said:       

"Nabin Thapa was like a big brother to me. He loved me, took care of me like his own brother and told me he was always there for me. I met him in 6 Regiment RLC, but we got along very well in a short period of time. He was a very friendly, loyal, hardworking, and caring person without a single drop of greed in him. He loved everyone and received love from everyone around him. Furthermore, he was always smiling, joking and full of life.

“I still remember going to his wedding and dancing with him and his family, he was the happiest man in the world on that day. It feels like it was just yesterday. He will always be remembered in our hearts, minds and souls as a loving and caring person.”

Private Rai 62 Sqn said:

"The first time I met Nabin Thapa was when he first arrived at the Regiment. I had a call from one of my Nepalese friends saying that there would be a new Nepalese guy joining us and he was waiting in his car at the guardroom. I was told to escort him to his block and show him his room. The first impression I had of him was that he looked very quiet and timid, we didn’t exchange a lot of words that day. As the time went by and as we hung out more, I got to know him better. I didn’t think that I would get along and be close friends with him so fast.

“Just last year we attended his wedding, we met his fiancée, parents and all his relatives. We ate, drank, and danced; the time then just felt so motionless. We were so happy for him.

“Nabin was a kind, caring and loving person to his family, friends, and colleagues. He showed compassion for others and was always there to help them with their problems. Recognised and respected by his peers and chain of command because of his work ethic and loveable personality. Nabin was a person I looked up to. It deeply saddens me to lose a big brother like him.

“He may be gone but he will always be loved and the times we spent with him will always be cherished in our memories and heart.”

Lance Corporal Thapa 62 Sqn MPA said:

“Pte Nabin Thapa was a devoted son, husband, brother, and mentor to an enormous circle of friends and family who counted on him for his guidance and support, which he always delivered with his generous and compassionate heart. Such was his generosity that, when I first arrived in the Regiment, he gave me a whole box of Nepali snack wai wai when I casually told him I was craving for it when he didn't even know me properly. Nabin bhai, you will always remain alive in our hearts. Fly high and rest in peace.”

Private Stapleton 32 Sqn said:

“I'm so sorry for your loss. Gone, but never far from our hearts. Sending love, light and healing energy to his family during this difficult time. Nabin was a pure soul, for the short time I knew him I feel as if we were childhood peers growing up. We had a great connection, we talked about anything, it was a pleasure meeting him may his soul rest in peace.”

Private Bell 64 Sqn said:

“Pte Thapa was a hard-working soldier with a positive outlook on life. He always had a smile on his face no matter how difficult the situation was. I am proud to have served with Nabin and he will be missed massively. My heart goes out to the Thapa family.”

Sergeant Maddock 32 Sqn said:

“I am absolutely lost for words. During our time in Kenya he was always the first person to be there, no matter what the tasking was. Always smiling and having a joke with everyone. Also, he was the most humble of guys. He has left a big hole in a lot of people's lives, and it will be a struggle for anyone to fill his boots. One of a kind, he will be sorely missed by anyone that knew and worked alongside him. My thoughts are with all of his family and friends at this sad time. See you in the re-org Sahti.”

Private Ball & Corporal Aisbitt RCMO Dept said:

“Pte Thapa was a highly professional and well-respected member of 6 Regiment RLC, who was full of kindness, positivity and motivation. Nabin was never without a smile on his face regardless of the circumstances we were in.

“Nabin was a selfless individual who put others before himself and continued to do so in his spare time by hosting various charity events throughout the year. May Nabin's family find peace and comfort in knowing he was loved by all. May he rest in peace.”

Captain Tracey RAO said:

“Pte Thapa was a highly professional, selfless and outgoing soldier whose positivity and optimism were infectious. His innate cheerfulness was especially welcome during difficult, adverse, and challenging times. A hugely capable soldier with a big heart to match, Nabin will be greatly missed by the 6 Regiment RLC community. My thoughts and prayers go out to Nabin's family at this most difficult time.”

Private Agbaje LAD MPA said:

“Pte Thapa whom I met in Cyprus during Op TOSCA commanded a cool, calm and gentle spirit with the people around him. His professionalism was without doubt which was always backed with an ever-present smile. A fit and fine soldier to emulate on physical training and other sporting activities. I hope he continues to be the angel and legend wherever he is now. Rest in peace Sathi.”

Corporal Burrill 62 Sqn said:

“Pte Nabin Thapa was one the most professional soldiers I have ever worked with, a highly motivated supplier who would go to the ends of the earth to make sure a task was completed in a timely manner. His cheerfulness and amazing spirit always brought a smile to my face, as well to his peers. He will be very much missed by myself, and his peer group and I would have loved to see him with a rank on his chest. Rest in peace brother we will remember you, see you in the re-org.”

Private Tatlock 62 sqn said:

“Nabin was the kindest and most amazing friend anyone could have had, and it was an honour serving with him and calling him my brother.” 

Private Francis 62 Sqn said:

“Nabin was a kind, funny and amazing human being it was an honour to work alongside him. He will be missed by everyone.”

Lance Corporal Bennett 62 Sqn said:

“Nabin was the most down to earth bloke I've ever met, always a happy bubbly person. I'm grateful to have served with him in Cyprus and Kenya, he would always have the biggest smile on his face.”

Corporal Limbu 32 Sqn said:

"Nabin was like a little brother to me, he was always very down to earth with a quiet nature and never troubled anyone with anything.”

Private Santry 64 Sqn said:

“Nabin was a great friend, always smiling, rest in peace Sathi.”

Lance Corporal  Sunuwar 62 Sqn said:   

“Nabin Thapa was a very close friend of mine. He was one of the best people I ever came across in my life. He was very humble and friendly to everyone. He would help anyone in need without any hesitation. I even attended his wedding last year, we had lots of fun and danced together. We were together in Cyprus on Op TOSCA as well. We went out drinking & partying together as well. We created so many good memories together. I still have our pictures together. I also got the RLC flash he gave me still in my wallet. I still cannot believe he has left us. It really breaks my heart. You will be dearly missed my brother.”

Private Randell 62 Sqn said:

“Nabin you will be missed, you were such a good lad both in and out of work, always smiling and having fun no matter the situation and making work a more bearable place to be. May you rest in peace, see you in the next life brother thank you for the positivity throughout my time knowing you.”

Sergeant Mwakimbala 62 Sqn said:

“To the Thapa family I wish you peace, comfort, courage, and lots of love at this time of sorrow.”

Corporal Gurung 62 Sqn said:

"What a legendary guy. Nabin and I were from same district back in Nepal. I met him as soon as I was posted into 6 Regiment RLC and our families met when he picked up my parents from Heathrow while I was on operations. He was like a family member to me. He was helpful and had a full of positive mindset, a well-motivated person. He was always eager to help others, it didn't matter how busy he was.

“I had such a great memories in Spain on exercise; while the team were under a loose rock fall, he saved the team pulling us out from danger zone. One of the team members was trying to cross while the rock was still falling, he grabbed him and took him out of danger. Putting himself in danger, he saved his colleague’s life. I will always remember him. No matter what, he will always be in my head and my heart. All his kindness, motivation, helpfulness, and bravery will never be forgotten.

“My heartfelt condolences to you and your family during this time of sorrow. You are in my thoughts and prayers.”