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A sense of belonging may sound like a small thing. Yet it fuels you as much as food and water because it doesn't just feed your body, it feeds your mind and soul. The stronger the sense of belonging - the stronger you become. Sure, you could look for belonging in a football team or club, but the sense of belonging you'll find in the Army - well, that's the next level. When you've trained together side by side, learnt things no classroom can teach you and fought with each other, for each other - that creates a bond like no other. A bond that lasts a lifetime.

Belonging sees you through whatever life, on or off the battlefield, may throw at you.


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As a soldier, you’ll do a vital job, making sure the Army operates smoothly and effectively, at home and overseas.

It takes lots of different trades to run the Army, there are many jobs to choose from, all with training of the highest standard. Your hard work will be rewarded, because to us, you’re more than an employee - you’re a valued member of the Army family.

Women already serving in the Army are now able to transfer into infantry roles. And those not currently serving will be able to apply for infantry roles from 21 December 2018. Basic training for new recruits will be available from April 2019. News article.

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Join as an officer

Challenge. Training. Responsibility. Adventure. Become a British Army Officer and nothing is out of your range.

Whether it’s commanding a platoon of soldiers on operations, leading a humanitarian mission or helping to build critical infrastructure and rebuild lives after a natural disaster, you will lead a life that is full of purpose.

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Join as a reserve

The average person spends 15 days a year surfing the web in their spare time. You can join the Army Reserve and get to do something different with your time - most roles ask for just 27 days a year. You'll get to learn new skills, make friends and get paid too.

Find out more about what the Army Reserve is, and what they do.

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