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We are currently experiencing some technical issues with the Army recruitment system.  If you have any questions surrounding your application or progression through the recruiting pipeline please call this number 0345 600 8080 or contact your recruiter. 



How to Apply

Whether you are joining as a soldier or an officer, full time or as a part time Reservist, joining the Army starts with an online application.

Once you've submitted your application, you'll be guided through the process by a Recruiter or Candidate Support Manager. Find out more about the joining process.

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Joining the Army

To join the Army, you need to meet a set of basic requirements. These include telling us about your age, nationality, health and fitness. We will also ask you about your education and qualifications, but this is to help to find the right role for you. You can still join the Army if you have no formal qualifications.

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Jobs available

The Army is always recruiting, and there are a wide range of roles available for both officers and soldiers. Visit the Role finder to explore they types of role on offer. If you're not sure whether joining as a soldier or officer is right for you, you can run a quick check with the entry options tool.

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