Army Reserve

The Ministry of Defence has now introduced the Service for Experienced, Re-joiner and Volunteer Engagement (SERVE), to help you discover reserve, re-joiner and wider opportunities, set up tailored alerts to let you know when a role matching your search criteria has been posted and stay connected with Defence. Personnel may only apply for a maximum of two posts at any one time.

About us

FTRS Section comprises four cells:

  • Applications Cell – Advertise posts, receive applications and prepare documentation for selection boards. Inform applicants if they have been successful or not.
  • Boarding Cell – Assures the selection board documentation.
  • In Service Management Cell – Bring successful applicants into FTRS service; liaise with units.
  • Extensions and Terminations Cell – Process applications for Extension and end FTRS commitments as required.

There are two main types of FTRS commitment:

  • Full Commitment (FC) appointments fill Regular Army jobs that cannot be filled using Regular personnel for various reasons. The pay and conditions are broadly similar to that of Regulars. The length of the appointment varies and will be specified in the advert.
  • Home Commitment (HC) appointments are established FTRS posts. It does not pay x-factor and there is normally no entitlement to quarters or home to duty expenses. Most FTRS appointments are on HC terms. FTRS appointments are initially for a maximum of 3 years with the possibility of commitment extensions.


You must be a member of either the Regular Reserve or Army Reserve to serve on FTRS. Ex Regulars who are not part of the Regular Reserve can apply to join should they be selected for an FTRS post. Serving Regulars must be in their last 12 months of service at the time of applying for an FTRS post or have an approved PVR/NTT on JPA.


  • Please take a note of the advert reference number shown on SERVE. Please quote this whenever you contact us.
  • Applications must be made on an AFE 20045 (Application Form download) and received by APC’s FTRS Section by the closing date shown on SERVE. Applications should be sent to [email protected] and will receive an automated acknowledgement. Only email applications will be accepted.
  • You can apply for up to two jobs at any one time.
  • FTRS staff will not answer queries about how many people have applied for a job.


  • When the advert closes, FTRS Section will send all eligible applicants to the appropriate selection board.
  • Selection boards may be held within the Army Personnel Centre, at higher formation level or at Unit level depending on the rank of the post and if it is Full or Home Commitment. The time it takes for the board to sit and for the results to come back to FTRS Section will vary from a couple of weeks to 3 months. The results of any selection board held out-with the APC are assured by FTRS Section to ensure that the board was properly convened and conducted.
  • We will let you know the board results, normally by email. Successful candidates will be invited to make an appointment to go to MTMC (I) for a medical and have a briefing on FTRS TACOS. Those selected for Full Commitment will complete a 8 day MATTs package with MTMC(I). Attendance to MTMC(I) is mandatory.