RMA Sandhurst

Sandhurst Trust and Facilities

A world-renown organisation

The Royal Military Academy Sandhurst is one of the finest training institutions in the world. The Sandhurst Trust is a charitable organisation who's focus is on supporting the Academy and the serving and retired Army Officer community. 

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Who can join

  • Those who have commissioned/graduated from RMAS.
  • Those who served at commissioned rank in the British Army (Regular, TA, Reserve, ACF/CCF) regardless of entry method (e.g Mons).
  • Those who have served on the staff of RMAS (military or civilian).
  • Those serving in UOTCs.

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What they do

  • Invitations to events, dinner nights held at the Academy and at other venues around the country
  • Comprehensive library of leadership and management articles available online to members
  • Organisation of Reunions, Commissioning Balls, Weddings, Baptisms, Private events and Tours
  • Sandhurst Medals for International Cadets
  • Distribute grants
  • Financial support for leadership training, sports equipment, Welfare Grants
  • Produce the Stream Magazine and maintain the tradition of the Leadership book

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