Defence School of Logistics

Defence School of Logistics

The Defence School of Logistics (DSL) provides training in all logistic disciplines to logisticians from the British Army, Royal Navy and Royal Air Force. It forms part of the Defence College of Logistics, Policing and Administration (DCLPA) at Worthy Down, Winchester. DSL also has sites at RAF Brize Norton, RAF Halton, RAFC Cranwell and Marchwood.


Our mission is to deliver trained and motivated logisticians and commanders in order to meet the operational requirements of Defence.

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Command Wing (CW)

Command Wing delivers the military training aspects of the Army Leadership Development Programme for The RLC and AGC (SPS). It delivers logistic command training for newly commissioned RLC Second Lieutenants and provides further professional development for junior Captain and junior Majors appointments in The RLC. It also trains newly commissioned RAF officers destined for the Logistics Branch, as well as refreshing trade knowledge prior to taking on Logistic Squadron appointments. For the Defence Logistician, Command Wing provides courses in logistic planning at the operational level and the basics of contract management. It also provides pre-employment training for those going to an appointment in Defence Equipment & Support and provides the delivery of Masters level education through the Defence Logistics Staff Course programme. Finally, it provides a window into UK Defence and logistic methodology for international logisticians on the International Logistic Officers’ Course.


Food Services Training Wing (FSTW)

FSTW provides catering services training to the Royal Navy, British Army, Royal Air Force and the Royal Fleet Auxiliary in a specialist facility at Worthy Down. With a workforce consisting of military and civil servants, FSTW delivers 26 different courses to approximately 800 students annually with training being provided to Phase 2 /Initial Trade Training (ITT) students and Phase 3 /Subsequent Trade Training (STT) students up to and including Warrant Officer Class 1. FSTW also contributes to wider DCLPA courses for junior commissioned officers across the three Services. Catering services training includes an 11-week Defence Chef Basic course (Tri-Service) for Phase 2/ITT trainees, who then move to their single Service realistic working environments to complete their specialist training. Other courses delivered during Phase 3/STT cover: advanced cookery, Front of House, Accommodation Management, Catering Finance Management, Air Ground Steward training and high-end VIP silver service and valet service.


Logistics Specialist Training Wing (LSTW)

Logistics Specialist Training Wing provides 115 basic, pre-employment and specialist training courses to circa 3,000 Phase 2 (initial) and Phase 3 (advanced) logisticians per annum from all three Services, as well as international students, civilian grades and Defence Industry Partners.

The training is delivered out of Worthy Down, with two further dislocated locations, Marchwood (73 Training Squadron) and RAF Brize Norton (Defence Movements Training Squadron). The training audience includes officers of The Royal Logistic Corps and RAF Logistics Branch, as well as soldiers and airmen of the Petroleum Operator, Movement Controller, Mariner, Port Operator, Vehicle Support Specialist, Marine Engineer, Logistic (Supply) and Logistics (Mover) trades, Tailors, Equipment & Repairers, Operational Hygiene and Postal & Couriers. We also teach Dangerous Goods and Health & Safety specialist training to any trade.


Supply Training Wing (STW)

Supply Training Wing delivers circa 200 Supply and Log IS-focused training courses for Whole Force Logisticians annually. Recently relocated to DCLPA at Worthy Down, STW is also responsible for delivering Royal Navy Dangerous Goods by Surface and Air courses and specialist Quartermaster (QM, RQMS, and CQMS) training to all arms and cap badges of the Army and the Royal Marines.

Following Basic Training, trainees join directly to undertake Logistics-focused Initial Trade Training (ITT) at Worthy Down. To complement ITT outputs, the Wing also delivers through-life Logistics training for personnel throughout Defence by way of Subsequent Trade Training (STT) activity. With an establishment of 74 personnel, STW’s first-class trainer cohort, drawn from the RN, Army, RAF and Civil Service, trains approximately 3,600 trainees to support Defence Outputs.