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We exist to improve your leadership

Our Leadership Speaker Series brings international, national and British Army leaders and leadership thinkers to an Army audience. Speakers come to share their knowledge, ideas, research and experiences of leadership.

It gives leaders the opportunity to ask subject matter experts their personal views on the practical application of leadership. Attendance by junior officers and NCOs is particularly welcome.

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Future events

20 Jan 20 at the Allied Rapid Reaction Corps, Gloucester - Phillip Neame -  Anglo/French Leadership Study.

27 Feb 20 at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst - Junior Non-Commissioned Officers (JNCOs) only - JNCO Leadership in Conflict.


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JNCO Leadership Day - 27 February 2020

The Centre for Army Leadership is proud to host a JNCO Leadership Day on 27 February 20. This event will see veterans speak on a wide array of leadership experiences in conflicts ranging from the Falklands War through to Afghanistan. Venue Churchill Hall, RMAS.

The event is exclusively for JNCOs. Attendees must seek prior approval from their Chain of Command and complete the Attendance Proforma.

Speakers and Q&A: 0900 - 1325hrs
Optional Workshops: 1430 - 1630hrs
Workshop 1: Interactive key takeaways and lessons learnt
Workshop 2: Speaker engagements

Event attendance Form

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How to book tickets

Contact us for details of all our future events or more information about us: 

You can book tickets for some of our events through our partners, the Sandhurst Trust.

Serving members of the MOD, including civil servants, can register to attend on the CAL SharePoint site (for those using MOD IT systems).

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