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Documents to support you

Leadership Digests and other documents supporting our business to help you develop your own leadership and those around you.

Our Digests are produced every six months.

And this page will hold other related documents supporting leadership development. 

You can also read and download our Leadership Insights generated from authors both within the military and externally which are produced monthly. 

Army Leadership Insights

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The Four Building Blocks of Change. Advice from McKinsey on how to lead your organization through change. Unsurprising hint – leading by example is crucial in leading change.

Leaders Turn Brick Into Paper. As a leader, do you turn brick walls into paper walls? As a leader you can solve problems that your followers can’t. 

The Machine Will Run Without You. A Checklist For Checking Out. Your team need to be able to function without you. How are you setting them up to work in your absence? 

Crucibles of Leadership. There are moments in your life that forge who you are as a leader. Some people don’t recognise them and miss out on the opportunity to develop. 


Soldier Leadership Resources and CLM

This Is Why The Best JNCOs Self-DevelopSelf-development is the key to enduring success as a JNCO and it begins where official military training stops. 

RSM Common Sense. From Harrogate to Helmand, Brecon to Basra. What valuable, yet common sense, leadership advice does WO1 (RSM) Spud Armon have based on over 22 years in the infantry? 

The 168 Series.  A ten part series by leaders and leadership developers, looking at how they spend the 168 hours we all have each week, improving themselves and their teams.


5 Ways Leadership Can Change the Conversation Around Diversity and Inclusion.

One danger of having a strong company culture is that it can be far too easy to perpetuate a culture of sameness where cuture "fit" is an excuse to hire people who look, think, act and build products just like you do. Take a look at the website.

The Army Needs More Feminists By Major Tim Towler (SCOTS)
Leadership Insight No.10