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Developing Junior Leadership

Centre For Army Leadership Junior Leadership

The Centre for Army Leadership is bringing you a conference focused on Junior Leadership on 1 Dec 22.

Attendance will be mainly virtual, with a limited number of individuals invited to attend in person at the National Army Museum in London. 

We will update this page as speakers are confirmed. 

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Their mission – To give a lifetime of support to serving soldiers, former soldiers and their immediate families when they are in need.

They stand at the forefront of support for the Army family, last year supporting 65,000 people in 44 countries around the world. As one of the largest funders in the sector, we award grants to individuals and families, and fund leading organisations that support soldiers, former soldiers, and their families.

Speakers and Panellists

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  • 1010hrs: Major General Zac Stenning, OBE - The 31st Commandant of The Royal Military Academy Sandhurst and Director Leadership British Army.
  • 1030hrs: Facilitators.
    • Colonel Henry Llewelyn-Usher - A graduate of the Advanced Command and Staff Course in 2017, he took Command of the Welsh Guards after a spell running the overseas campaigns team within a department of the M.O.D. He Commanded the Battalion from Feb 2019 to Sept 2021, overseeing public duties including the reduced Queen’s Birthday Parade in June 2020 in Windsor Castle, support to Op RESCRIPT and deployed with the Battalion to Iraq on Op SHADER in May 2021. He was Head of The Centre for Army Leadership at Sandhurst in 2022 and is now head of a strategy department within the MOD.
    • Captain Serheii Mahlovanyi -is currently serving in the 11 (Security Force Assistance) Brigade HQ as the J7 Training Liaison Officer having previously worked in the G7 branch in the Armed Forces of Ukraine’s Air Assault Command.
    • Major Tim Towler - is currently commanding A Coy 3 SCOTS. A Coy have been on INTERFLEX from the start of the operation, delivering two of the battlefield casualty replacement courses prior to establishing and delivering two iterations of the Junior Leadership Course.
  • 1115hrs: Lance Corporal Katy Parrott - 6 Rifles. She was a ‘recruit’ in the BBC programme Special Forces: Ultimate Hell Week. This inspired her to join the British Army as a reserve. Katy will discuss how junior leaders need to develop a growth mindset to help build resilience and cope with adversity.
  • 1145hrs: Panel Discussion
    • Major Heather Sharp - Heather Sharp has served for 10 years as an Army officer in the Royal Engineers. After leaving the Regulars, Heather transferred to the Army Reserve where she worked on the Youth Engagement Team at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. Founder and CEO of the not-for-profit Forces Wives Challenge and Director of the consultancy Frontier Leadership.
  • 1325hrs: Facilitator
    • Lieutenant Colonel (Retd) Langley Sharp MBE  -Lieutenant Colonel (Retd) Langley Sharp MBE - Lieutenant Colonel (Retd.) Langley Sharp MBE is the former head of the Centre for Army Leadership, responsible for championing leadership excellence across the British Army. Having himself graduated from Sandhurst two decades ago, his career in the Parachute Regiment, which included operational command at every rank, saw him deployed to Northern Ireland, Macedonia, Afghanistan and Iraq. Among his many varied roles, he led a counter-insurgency Task Force operation, commanded a Parachute Regiment Battalion and delivered the Ministry of Defence’s training programme for the London 2012 Olympics venue security, for which he was awarded an MBE. 
  • 1345hrs: Dr. Dennis Vincent MBE - Dr Dennis Vincent MBE was commissioned into the Royal Anglian Regiment in the 1980s.  During his service he commanded 3rd Battalion The Royal Anglian Regiment and deployed on operations to Northern Ireland, Iraq. He resigned in 2015 to become a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Communication and Applied Behavioural Science at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst.  He became the Deputy Head in 2016 and the Head of the Department in 2019.
  • 1420hrs: Sergeant Nick Foley. Sgt Foley joined the 2nd Bn The Royal Anglian Regiment in 2009. During his service, he spent most of his time in Support and Rifle Companies and a period in Headquarters Company. He spent the first half of his career from Pte to Cpl in Reconnaissance Platoon where he specialised as a RCMT (Patrol Medic). He was attached to Australian 2nd Commando Regiment for their tour in Afghanistan as part of the SOAG (Special Operations Advisory Group) which was responsible for the close protection to the advisors for our Afghan counterparts. Sgt Foley deployed to Nigeria on a STTT where he was involved in the training of Nigerian Armed Forces. He was promoted to Sgt as preparation for Op Newcombe 1 started and began preparing his platoon for operations. Op Newcombe was a UN operation in Mali under the Light Dragoons Battlegroup and later the Long Range Recce Group. 
  • 1455hrs: Warrant Officer Class One Lovell Cadet - Cultural Advisor, DEI Consultant, Public Speaker, Trainer and Coach. WO2 Cadet is currently employed at Army HQ Diversity and Inclusion Team as the Network Support Officer for AMCN. An avid advocate for all subordinates and peers across the Army, he is passionate about inclusion.
  • 1540hrs Panel Discussion
    • Dr Alex Cutting - Alex Cutting has been a member of the London faculty for 25 years. She specializes in socio-cognitive psychology, developmental psychology and human physiology with an emphasis on brain and nervous system functioning. 
  • 1630hrs Summary: Warrant Officer Class One Paul Carney - Army Sergeant Major. WO1 Paul Carney is the British Army Sergeant Major and will join us at the Developing Junior Leaders Conference on 1st December 2022. WO1 Carney will present throughout the conference and will be a panellist for the afternoon speaker session.

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