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To support our Conference theme taking place on 1 December 2022, here is a list of resources covering a broad range of issues relating to the development of junior leaders. The list is designed to offer practical tools, to introduce new ideas and concepts, and to stimulate the debate on junior leadership development, broadly defined. This list should not be treated as an official, exhaustive list.

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Podcasts and videos

Centre for Army Leadership podcast, Episode 1. Gen Sir Mark Carleton-Smith KCB CBE ADC, Nov 20. - General Carleton-Smith shares his personal leadership philosophy. He talks openly about his time as a young Platoon and Company Commander and he discusses the challenges young leaders will face in the future.

RUSI Western Way of War podcast, Episode 33. Gen (Retd) David Patreus, Jan 21. - Serving in six consecutive command appointments as a general officer and five in combat, Petraeus holds a war record unrivalled by any other living officer of his rank. His reflections in the podcast capture that experience and offer valuable advice for young leaders.

SMA Talks, Episode 1, Junior leader development, 13 Oct 20. (15 min). - SMA Talks is a series where Sgt Maj of the Army Michael Grinston discusses key issues for the US Army. In this first episode, the focus is on self-development and junior leader development.

Centre for Army Leadership, Junior Leadership in the digital age. 16 Feb 21. (4 hours). - Recording of the CAL Conference on 10 Feb 21. 

5 takeaways from Barack Obama’s Young Leaders Address 2020, 2019. (5 min). - Practical advice for young leaders: the importance of listening, diversity, humility, keep an open mind, the significance of small steps.

John Treasure, How to speak so that people listen, TEDTalk, 2014. (10 min). -Practical advice to improve communication within teams and as a tool to develop others.

June Sarpong, OBE, Diversity through leadership. Arts Council England, Keynote, Apr 18. (20 min). - On the importance of a holistic approach to leadership, which includes harvesting ideas and tools from different disciplines and thinking critically about diversity and leaders’ bias.

Sunniva Muren, Young leadership Principles. Hope and expectations for the future TEDexStavanger, 2019. (6 min). - Inspiring talk by 18-year old Sunniva Muren, who has launched a successful youth company to support people with Alzheimer disease. Interesting reflections on the value of service and leadership.

Developing Junior Leadership conference 1 December 2022

Short Articles and Infographics

US Army Force Command, Leader’s guide to soldier development, Oct 21. -Practical tools and ideas for the development of soldiers through daily interactions, decisions, and exercises.

The ‘Adding Value’ dilemma: An interview with Lt Gen Richard Nugee, The Army Leader, 2018. - Practical advice for junior leaders preparing for more senior roles, including the importance of listening, being open to new ideas, empowering subordinates, and removing distractions.

Junior leadership during COVID 19 - Callum Chivers Wavell Room, Jan 21. - In-depth analysis of the impact of the COVID crisis on soldiers and what lessons junior leaders should draw from it.

You can lead, but can you plan?  Time to change the way we develop junior leaders Ethan Olverding. Modern War Institute at West Point, Mar 18. - On the importance of exposing junior officers to planning in the early stages of their education and training. From the US Army’s point of view.

10 top tips to develop young leaders” On the Mark Strategies Blog, Matt Monge, Mar 20. - Short, bite-size tips to develop young leaders and to promote a healthy working environment.

Developing first-level leaders Andreas Priestland and Robert Hanig, Harvard Business Review, Jun 05. - BP executive Andreas Priestland and Dialogos VP Robert Hanig describe how BP developed its “first-level leaders” programme, which includes Supervisory Essentials, Context and Connections, the Leadership Event, and Peer Partnerships.

“Five ways to get junior staff members to demonstrate leadership”. Forbes Dec 17. - Five practical tips to encourage junior leaders to grow in confidence and to prepare them to face new challenges.

Elizabeth Rider “Seven Lessons for millennials in leadership” On the Mark Strategies Blog., Mar. 19. - Practical advice for Millennial leaders to make themselves heard in a multi-generational workforce.

Getting to know Gen Z - Barnes & Noble., Sep 18. - Based on extensive surveys, this paper offers an overview of Gen Z’s learning habits and approach to training and development.

They are coming: Rethinking training and development for Gen Z Panopto., Jan 20. - On the importance of collaborative and social learning to engage Gen Z and on the importance of using the right tools.

Striving for balance, advocating for change: The Deloitte Global 2022 Gen Z and Millennial Survey. Deloitte, May 22. - Based on extensive interviews and surveys, this report compares values, priorities and approach to work of Gen Y (Millennials) and Genz Z.

Robert D. Austin and Gary P. Pisano, Neurodiversity is a competitive advantage. Harvard Business Review, May-Jun 17. - Analysis of how leading companies have reviewed their HR practices to select and support a neurodiverse workforce and what it has been achieved.

Julia Lee Cunningham, Laura Sonday, and Susan Ashford. Are you afraid to identify as a leader? Harvard Business Review, Sep 22. - Seeing yourself as a leader is a critical first step on the path towards acting like one. Yet, many people are uncomfortable identifying themselves as leaders. What drives this reluctance? And what can be done?

Jerry Connor. To coach junior employees, start with 4 conversations, Harvard Business Review, Sep 19. - Career coaching is essential to develop junior leaders. This article identifies four key topics: how to build resilience, how to influence others, how to job craft, and how to break out of a mental rut. 

Michael Gill and Thomas Roulet. Stressed at work? Mentoring a colleague could help. Harvard Business Review, Mar 19. - This longitudinal study shows that mentoring is good for mentors, too. Mentors experienced lower level of anxiety and found their own job more meaningful.

Herminia Ibarra and Nana von Bernuth. Want more Diverse Senior Leadership? Sponsor Junior Talent. Harvard Business Review, Oct 20. - Sponsorship of junior colleagues is different from mentoring and coaching. This article defines do’s and don’t’s that apply specifically to the use of sponsorship to boost diversity at the executive level.

Riya. How to develop young leaders in the workplace. Workology, Feb 18. - Quick and easy guide with a list of ideas and tools to improve junior leader development.

Matt Sigelman and Jonny C Taylor Jr. To build a diverse company for the long term, develop junior talent.  Harvard Business Review, Apr 21. - Practical advice on how to create targeted training to support employees, to develop new skills and to fill diversity gaps.

McCrindle. Gen Z and Gen Alpha. Jan 22. - Helpful infographic to understand the difference between the two youngest cohorts. It includes a cross-generation analysis going back to the Builders Generation (born before 1946).

Developing Junior Leadership conference 1 December 2022

Academic articles and reports

Gerry Larsson at al. Leader development in natural context: A grounded theory approach to discovering how military leaders grow. Military psychology, 18 (2006).

James C. Crowley et al. Adapting the Army’s training and leader development Programs for future challenges. RAND Report [prepared for the US Army], Jan. 13.

Elizabeth R. Uhl et al. Predictor of peer assessment in junior leaders. Military Psychology, Mar 22.

Mili Olinover et al. Predicting leadership success in extreme organisations: A prospective study from pre-recruitment through leading in real-life. Journal of Leadership and Organisational Studies, Aug. 22. [Open Access]

Emma Parry and Penny Tamkin. The me and we generations: The impact of intergenerational differences in the workplace. Institute of Employment Studies, Mar 16.

Sarah K. Hanks et al. A model of leader development across the lifespan. Virginia Cooperative Extension (Virginia Tech), Jan 21.

W. Brad Johnson and Gene R. Andersen. Formal mentoring in the US military: Research evidence, lingering questions and recommendations. Naval War College Review 63(2) (Spring 2010). [Open Access]

Timothy R. Reese. Using the staff ride to train junior leaders at West Point. Army History 24 (Fall/Winter 1992-93). [Open Access]

Danni Wang et al. Stay Humble and Fly High: The Roles of Subordinate Voice and Competitive Work Context in the Linkage Between Leader Humility and Career Success. Journal of Leadership and Organisational Studies, Dec. 16.

Debra Ricker France, Marylin Leahy and Mary Parsons. Attracting, developing and retaining talent. Research Technology Management 52/6 (Nov-Dec 2009).

Developing Junior Leadership conference 1 December 2022


The Queen’s Commission: A Junior Officer’s Guide. - Royal Military Academy Sandhurst,

Empowering others to make better choices. Don A. Moore and Max H. Bazerman, Decision Leadership: Yale University Press, 2022.

Evaluating the impact of leadership coaching: Balancing immediate performance with longer-term uncertainties. Mark Jamieson and Tony Wall,Open University Press, 2022.

Simple truths of leadership: 52 ways to be a servant leader and build trust. Kenneth H. Blanchard and Randy Conley. Berrett-Koehler Publishers, 2022.

When kids lead: An adult’s guide to inspiring, empowering, and growing young leaders. Todd Nesloney and Adam Dovico. DB Counsulting, 2020.

Young Women and Leadership: Routledge Studies in Gender and Global Politics. Lee-Koo, Katrina, ed, and Lesley J. Pruitt (ed.). Routledge, 2020.

Leader development deconstructed. Matthew G. Clark and Craig W. Gruber (eds.). Springer, 2017.

Start with why: The inspiring million-copy bestseller that will help you find your purpose. Simon Sinek. Penguin, 2011.

iGen: Why today’s superconnected kids are growing up less rebellious, more tolerant and less happy. Jean M. Twenge. Atria, 2018.

Generation Me: Why today’s young Americans are more confident, assertive and entitled. Jean M. Twenge/ Atria, 2014.

Developing Junior Leadership conference 1 December 2022

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