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About the CAL Research Insitute

The Centre for Army Leadership Research Institute was created in 2017 as a multi-disciplinary body to bring together the CAL and its Research Fellows with wider Defence, allied armies, cross-sector organisations, academia, and practitioners to better understand the art and science of leadership. The Research Institute contributes to the Army’s leadership debate through the production of evidence-led studies. It provides intellectual rigour in support of the CAL’s mission to champion Army leadership excellence to optimise the Army’s edge, underpin its operational success, and to benefit the wider society.

Current research projects include:

  • Cross Sector Review. To provide an understanding of how other organisations undertake leader development to provide a baseline of understanding to inform a work to improve British Army leader development.

  • Leader Effectiveness Model. To provide an evidence base for measuring the effectiveness of leaders thereby identifying an individual leader’s strengths and weaknesses, thus providing the individual’s chain of command with a set of criteria against which to measure leader performance.

  • Army Leadership Doctrine (ALD) Revision. To provide an evidence base on which to further develop the ALD to ensure that it remains relevant and applicable, and to advance the depth and breadth of widely accessible supporting materials.


Professor Lloyd Clark is Director of Research at the CAL, and Professorial Research Fellow in the Humanities Research Institute, University of Buckingham. Lloyd is also a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society, the Royal Geographical Society, and the British Commission for Military History, and sits on the advisory boards for several leading think tanks, academic journals and international research led organisations. He has worked with and for the British Army for over 30 years.

More information: Professor Lloyd Clark | University of Buckingham



Deputy Director

Dr Linda Risso is Senior Researcher at the CAL. She is the Head of the Richard Holmes Library and the editor of the CAL Leadership Insights. Before joining the Ministry of Defence, Dr Risso worked as historian at the Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe, in Mons (Belgium). She is an expert on European Security and Defence since 1945 with a particular focus on NATO. She is Senior Fellow of the Institute of Historical Research and Fellow of the Royal Historical Society.

More information: Dr Linda Risso | University of London