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You can get all our latest leadership development material, free to download and use. If you want more, serving soldiers can check out our Army Knowledge Exchange page.

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Our Leadership Insights and Digests are available to download below. Insights are short leadership articles. Bite-sized and written by leadership experts and practioners, they are ideal professional education for anyone interested in improving their leadership. Digests give you a summary of the best leadership publications of the last 3 months. They are shared through our social media channels and our email distribution list.

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Insight submission guidelines

Leadership Insights are published monthly by the Centre for Army Leadership. Authors can be serving, former military or civilians. Submissions are particularly welcomed from junior leaders and soldiers; some of our most popular articles have been from JNCOs. We accept submissions of completed articles and of ideas or proposals. If you have an idea and are unsure if we would be interested in publishing it, please email us.

If your article requires some editorial work them in most cases and where resources allow, we will be happy to give you advice in rewriting it. We are particularly keen to help soldiers and those for whom this is their first piece of publishing. Submissions and enquiries about Leadership Insights should be sent to:

Please allow a 10 working days for a response.