Initial Trade Training


Armour Centre, Bovington

The Armour Centre in Bovington, Dorset, is Defence’s reference point for Mounted Close Combat individual training including reconnaissance and tactical CIS. The centre trains soldiers in driving/maintaining Armoured Fighting Vehicles (AFVs) and operating vehicle weapons’ systems and communications equipment.

What happens at Initial Trade Training?


AFV Training Group

The AFV Training Group, commanded by HQ Armour Centre, has two schools delivering training in the three disciplines of armour – Communications, Driving & Maintenance and Gunnery – and the Royal Armoured Corps Training Regiment.

The AFV Training Group’s role is to provide initial and through-career training for British Army soldiers. The AFV Training Group provides training for a variety of armoured vehicles.

RAC Training Regiment

On completion of Basic Training all RAC soldiers will come to the Royal Armoured Corps Training Regiment (RACTR), at Allenby Barracks in Dorset. Here they will receive trade and technical training specific to the vehicle platforms that their chosen regiment operates.


What you'll learn

As an Initial Trade Training soldier you will receive trade specific training. Your training pipeline is specific to the type regiment you choose to join and the vehicle platform that they operate:

  • Armoured – Challenger 2 Main Battle Tank – Kings Royal Hussars, Queens Royal Hussars and Royal Tank Regiment.
  • Armoured Cavalry – CVR (T) Reconnaissance Vehicle – Royal Lancers, Household Cavalry and Royal Dragoon Guards.
  • Light Cavalry – JACKAL Wheeled Reconnaissance Vehicle – Light Dragoons, Queens Dragoon Guards and Royal Scots Dragoon Guards.

You will also receive training in mounted tactics, dismounted skills and weapon handling.