Army Sergeant Major

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WO1 Paton was born in March 1979 in Cornwall and joined the British Army in late 1997 as a Light Infantryman.  He has operated in Northern Ireland, Kosovo, Sierra Leone, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Paton has served at the Infantry Training Centre as a Corporal Instructor and as a Platoon Serjeant, was a Detachment Commander in the Anti Tank Platoon and successfully competed both the Section Commanders and Platoon Serjeants Battle Courses in Brecon.  Later in his career, Paton was selected to be a Colour Serjeant Instructor at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst and returned again a few years later as a Company Serjeant Major.

After being the Regimental Serjeant Major of the 3rd Battalion, the Rifles, Paton was selected to attend the United States Command Sergeant Major Academy in Texas, USA, the first British Soldier since 1989.  On return, he commissioned into the Rifles, was selected to be the first Field Army Sergeant Major and in November 2018 Paton was appointed as the second Sergeant Major of the Army.

WO1 Paton is supported by his wife of 18 years, Jessica and their son Eli (10) who is at prep school. Paton enjoys cycling, rugby, boxing and running.

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